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And Time Stopped by Kristen L. Jackson (Book Review #1283) – Fairy Tale Review


And Time Stood Still is a story for young adults filled with lots of swords, magic and fantasy material. This is a book in a series and I recommend you start reading the series from the beginning. While the prologue pretty much covers what you missed, I still think you’d enjoy the book even more if you had the full set.

Chase and Alyx can jump between dimensions, and in one of their jumps to the ninth dimension, they realize that the world will cease to exist. It’s a game changer for them, so not only do you get to be a part of a beautifully told story, but you get to see how Chase and Alyx deal with adversity.

What I liked most about this book is that it brings up issues that are seriously overlooked in teenage life. Parental neglect, depression and bullying are just some of the issues that have been embodied in the facility.

I recommend this book to fantasy lovers.

Written by Jayron Mayne

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