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10 criteria for choosing an electronic language learning tool


Now is not the time to get started, but there are a few questions that come up when choosing an e-language learning tool: What type of content are you looking for for your learners? What teaching methods are most appropriate? And much more.

There are many solutions for learning a language. GlobalExam, an online language learning platform, has created courses designed for specific purposes (learning a new language for leisure, developing business English skills for work or even preparing for a language exam) to provide targeted language training.

Are you looking for an e-learning platform to improve your students’ language skills? Here are 10 key criteria to look for when choosing an eLearning tool to help you find the solution that best suits your students’ needs:

  1. A catalog with rich content

The content offered on the platform should be diverse and comprehensive. How many hours of training are available? Is this enough for your students to work and achieve throughout the course?

“To progress, users must be able to rate their progress and access detailed fixes and explanations”

  1. Quality content

The quality of your content is just as (if not more) important than the quantity. Pedagogical quality is key when it comes to language learning. Take some time to try out the platform and see how you feel about its overall content.

  1. A variety of learning materials and exercises

Videos, pictures and texts, as well as multiple-choice questions, filling in the blanks, reading, audio recordings… Today, technology works wonders! Take a look at the included training materials and check what types of exercises are available.

  1. Well organized events

How is the content on the site organized? Generally, you have 2 options: cluttered content to choose from, or training courses to help users organize their progress.

  1. Well constructed corrections and explanations

What could be more frustrating than working hard and not getting feedback on your performance? To progress, users must be able to rate their progress and access detailed fixes and explanations. Even better, some tools can offer additional exercises or review worksheets at the end of the lesson to further study each subject.

  1. Visual and inspiring progress tracking

In order to complete training courses, learners must regularly monitor their progress. Many options are possible: tables, charts, pictures, bar graphs… It’s important that they see the progress they’ve made!

  1. Really useful statistics for you

Learn about the ability to access activity reports. Is there a special portal? Can your service provider provide you with accurate and regular data? These statistics will give you an overview of your student’s progress.

  1. A clear and well organized platform

Your first impression is very important. Are activities easily accessible? Do you instinctively know how to navigate a website? Don’t waste your energy: If you’re not comfortable, it’s unlikely your learners will be comfortable, and therefore unlikely they’ll want to work with the solution on a regular basis.

  1. Help using the platform

Your service provider should be able to provide you with some basic user support tools for you and your students: FAQs, tutorials, user guides… Even better: does your package include face-to-face or remote workshops to get started with the platform?

  1. A privileged interlocutor

Faced with a problem when you want to analyze the results of your users, spend time looking for the licenses you have left, can’t find your password… in all these situations and many others, isn’t it easier to pick up the phone and get help in minutes?

Dedicated support is an important quality to look for in an eLearning partner!

As our CEO Charles-Elliott Debourdeau says, “Language should not be a barrier!”

When he created GlobalExam, he promised to empower everyone, everywhere to succeed. Students need quick and accurate results to tackle specific problems.

“Today, everyone has become an active participant in their training, which should be engaging, effective and perfectly adapted to individual goals,” he says.

“Language training has changed. you?

“Let’s develop the skills of your learners with the eLearning solution you need.”

About the author: This article was prepared with support Adrian Roullier, Strategic Operations Manager and Business Development Director, EMEA GlobalExam. GlobalExam is a technology company specializing in ultra-personalized language learning. His mission? To enable everyone to achieve their goals, personal or professional, through languages. Its solutions include training courses for learning foreign languages ​​and preparing for the most important international language exams. With personalized training and individual supervision, GlobalExam supports the language training of 1.5 million GlobalPlayers in 80 countries and more than 1,500 companies, educational organizations and higher education institutions.

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