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12 golden rules of effective communication


Here 12 golden rules of effective communication fromPaul Falconeas his book points out,2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals.

Always remember:
  1. Recognize accomplishments and achievements often.
  2. Celebrate success.
  3. Deliver bad news quickly, constructively, and in a spirit of professional development.
  4. Public praise, private reproach.
  5. Take responsibility for problems when things go wrong, and immediately praise and recognize others when things go well.
  6. Create an inclusive work environment by welcoming the suggestions and perspectives of others.
  7. Listen actively, making sure your people feel heard and understood and have a voice in terms of making positive suggestions in the office or on the shop floor.
  8. Share information openly (as much as possible) so employees understandwhybehind your thinking and can ask relevant questions as you continue your own career and learning journey.
  9. Remember that gratitude and appreciation are two of the most important values ​​you can share with our employees and teach them to live by: make them the foundation of your culture.
  10. Put the needs of others before your own and expect them to respond in kind (aka “selfless leadership”, otherwise known as “servant leadership”).
  11. Always err on the side of compassion when dealing with someone else’s shortcomings.
  12. Solicit constant feedback and suggestions from your team in terms of how you could do things differently, thereby stimulating creativity and innovation.

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