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150 Money Affirmations That Really Work


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If you are looking for positive money affirmations to attract wealth and abundance, you have come to the right place. Use these 150 money affirmations to cultivate wealth and financial growth in your life.

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Wealth is a mindset.

In order to attract money, your mindset needs to be aligned with the financial goals you have set for yourself.

If you are coming from a place of financial scarcity or lack, you will continue to attract more scarcity with money.

However, if you can shift your mindset into a positive money mindset, you can attract financial growth, wealth, and abundance into your life.

Positive money affirmations are one of the most powerful tools to shift that negative or scarcity mindset to a place of greater abundance so your life (and bank account) can flourish.

Let’s dive into the good stuff!

What are Affirmations?

In the most basic description, affirmations are a mindset tool.

As we learn more about neuroplasticity, it seems more and more encouraging that we really do have the power to change pieces of our mindset, brain function, and natural responses.

Affirmations are a great way to shift our negative thought patterns by interrupting them with a positive thought replacement.

So many of us get down on ourselves or get stuck in the endless cycle of listening to our inner self-critic… and that voice can be MEAN.

Those internal limiting beliefs hold us back from so much potential, opportunities for growth, and, most of all, happiness!

Positive affirmations are a way to help shift this negative mindset.

Think of it this way…

View your mind as a bucket. In the bucket lives all of our thoughts. If our bucket is filled with murky, dirty water (the negative thoughts), one way we can purify it is by adding a consistent stream of pure water (positive thoughts) into the bucket.

This doesn’t happen instantly, but, over time, the flow of pure water into the bucket will push out the murky water and, eventually, you are left with a clean bucket.

That’s your positive affirmation mindset.

Like in the example above, affirmations are not a “quick fix”, but affirmations do work when you commit to them.

Practice consistent positive affirmations and you will start to see your mindset (and life) shift for the positive.

Why Use Positive Money Affirmations?

As we know now, affirmations are a key part of shifting your mindset and thought patterns.

Affirmations are also a key part of manifestation.

The Law of Attraction tells us that when we put our desires into the world with honest trust that we can achieve them, the universe will give us what we are looking for.

Essentially, it says that if you give something positive attention and energy, you attract it into your life.

Let’s look at this in terms of money affirmations.

If your current money mindset gives off tones of scarcity, lack, or stress… that is the energy you are putting out into the universe. Thus, under the Law of Attraction, that is the money situation you will attract more of.

However, if your money mindset comes from a place of wealth, abundance, trust, and plentifulness, you will attract more of that into your life in terms of financial status.

Affirmations are one powerful tool for making this shift in your mindset and the energy you give off into the universe.

If you want to attract money, you must tell the universe that.

By using positive money affirmations to shift your mindset, setting financial goals, working hard, and believing it is possible, YOU have the power to attract endless wealth and abundance into your life.

150 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth + Abundance

These money affirmations are going to be divided into a few different categories:

  • Abundance mindset affirmations
  • Attracting money affirmations
  • Unexpected money affirmations
  • Earning money affirmations
  • Money mindset affirmations
  • Financial freedom affirmations

Each of these categories serves a unique purpose in your journey of attracting money and wealth. We will begin with simple abundance mindset affirmations to get you in the proper headspace to be open to the increased flow of energy (and money!).

Some affirmations in these categories may feel repetitive, but know that they each serve their own unique and specialized purpose.

Affirmations are delicate and even the smallest shift in focus or wording can make a big difference.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into these amazing money affirmations.

Abundance Mindset Affirmations

Before you can focus solely on money affirmations, you must train your mind to operate from a place of abundance. An abundance mindset opens you up to the flow of positive energy, new opportunities, and money.

  1. I am abundant.
  2. There is enough for me.
  3. I have everything I need.
  4. I welcome new opportunities.
  5. My dreams are my reality.
  6. I am capable.
  7. I am worthy.
  8. Abundance is my right.
  9. I see abundance all around me.
  10. I am worthy of all the abundance I dream of.
  11. As I am, I am overflowing with abundance.
  12. I trust good things are flowing to me.
  13. I let go of control and trust the universe.
  14. Money flows to me effortlessly.
  15. I am open to receiving.
  16. I am a money magnet.
  17. All that I desire also desires me.
  18. I am grateful for the abundance I attract.
  19. I am overflowing with wealth.
  20. Everything I desire will find me at the right time.
  21. I am continuously open to receiving new gifts.
  22. There are endless opportunities in this world.
  23. Every area of my life is blessed with abundance.
  24. I have more than enough in all areas of my life.
  25. My gratitude is overflowing.

Attracting Money Affirmations

These money affirmations are a bit more narrow than the previous section as they focus specifically on attracting financial wealth and monetary gain.

  1. I am a money magnet.
  2. I am rich.
  3. Money flows towards me effortlessly.
  4. I am grateful for the money I have.
  5. I am grateful for the money on its way to me.
  6. Thank you for my money.
  7. I welcome money into my life.
  8. I am wealthy.
  9. Wealth comes naturally to me.
  10. I am a magnet for financial blessings.
  11. I love money.
  12. Money is my friend.
  13. I welcome unlimited income into my life.
  14. I have plenty to give others.
  15. My cup is overflowing with money.
  16. I am limitless.
  17. I have more than enough money.
  18. Money favors me.
  19. I am surrounded by wealth.
  20. My wealth allows me to help others.
  21. I see money everywhere I go.
  22. My financial potential is endless.
  23. I am effortlessly earning money.
  24. The universe is sending money to me.
  25. My wealth is ever-growing.

Unexpected Money Affirmations

These affirmations for money are all about unexpected money entering your life without effort.

  1. Money turns up in my life when I least expect it.
  2. I am always finding money.
  3. Money enters my life effortlessly.
  4. I receive unexpected money.
  5. I am blessed with unexpected gifts of money.
  6. Everywhere I turn, there is money.
  7. Abundance is coming and I will let it come naturally.
  8. I accept unexpected money.
  9. I allow money to flow into my life from all areas.
  10. Money is always around me.
  11. I can earn money in unexpected ways.
  12. Wealth is incoming.
  13. Money pours into my life.
  14. I am a money magnet, effortlessly.
  15. Money chooses me.
  16. Prosperity arrives naturally.
  17. There are always new streams of income in my life.
  18. Money turns up when I least expect it.
  19. I let go of control and let money flow towards me.
  20. I do not need to control my money. It is there.

Earning Money Affirmations

As nice as unexpected money is, there’s also something about some good ol’ hard-earned cash. Here are money affirmations for that!

  1. My mind is generating new ideas that will bring me wealth.
  2. I earn an immense amount of money doing what I love.
  3. My job allows me to live in wealth.
  4. I am self-employed and financially free.
  5. I make more money than ever before.
  6. My work allows me to live the lifestyle I want.
  7. I make more than I could ask for at my job.
  8. I love what I do and the money it supplies me.
  9. My job will help me earn more money.
  10. There are neverending opportunities for financial growth in my work.
  11. I am developing a new income stream.
  12. My hourly rate is ever-increasing.
  13. I am worth a lot of money.
  14. My work is valuable and is paid as such.
  15. I am worthy of a large salary.
  16. I only do work that I enjoy.
  17. Earning money is my talent.
  18. I deserve to make more money.
  19. My job will help me earn more money.
  20. I am always growing and finding ways to improve.
  21. I am financially successful in my work.
  22. My income is growing higher every day.
  23. I embrace new money opportunities.
  24. I can get rich doing what I love to do.
  25. My bank account is growing every second.
  26. My work is a renewable resource for money.
  27. I use my skills to bring in a large sum of money.
  28. I am capable of turning my talents into income.
  29. My work brings me wealth.
  30. I am grateful for the financial gain my work brings me.

Money Mindset Affirmations

In order to attract money, you must have the proper mindset for it. Here are some positive affirmations for a money mindset.

  1. I release all resistance to building wealth.
  2. My mindset is abundant.
  3. I commit to my financial dreams.
  4. I believe in my ability for wealth.
  5. Money is attracted to me.
  6. I am grateful for money.
  7. I love money.
  8. Money wants to be near me.
  9. I deserve money.
  10. I have a positive money mindset.
  11. Wealth surrounds me in all areas of my life.
  12. I welcome the flow of money into my life.
  13. I deserve a financially free life.
  14. Wealth chooses me, just as I choose it.
  15. I enjoy money.
  16. I embrace abundance and welcome more of it.
  17. Abundant energy flows toward me.
  18. I am so happy that money is flowing toward me.
  19. I trust money.
  20. My potential for money is limitless.
  21. I release all control over money.
  22. I accept new sources of money.
  23. My relationship with money is healthy.
  24. My mind creates money.
  25. I think, feel, and act like a millionaire. I am a millionaire.

Financial Freedom Money Affirmations

Whether your goal is to be “rich” or not, these affirmations are applicable. Everyone that wants financial stress and worry to be gone should try these financial freedom money affirmations.

  1. I am financially free.
  2. I can live a life free of financial stress.
  3. Money does not control me.
  4. I use my wealth in positive ways.
  5. My bank account is always growing.
  6. I am able to live the lifestyle I desire.
  7. My income is larger than my expenses.
  8. I am generous with my money.
  9. I use my money to better the lives of others.
  10. The money I spend makes me happy.
  11. I spend my money on things that bring me joy.
  12. I release all financial stress.
  13. The money I spend cycles back to me.
  14. I am grateful to be able to pay others with my money.
  15. Having money allows me new experiences.
  16. I spend my money responsibly and wisely.
  17. My money can be used to benefit the world.
  18. I will use my wealth for the positive.
  19. The more I give, the wealthier I feel.
  20. I am not afraid to spend money.
  21. Every dollar I spend is for a good purpose.
  22. I am able to afford the home I want.
  23. Money funds new memories and positive moments.
  24. Money is stable and comfortable.
  25. I am grateful for financial freedom.

How to Use These Affirmations

Now that you have 150 money affirmations to test out, you may be wanting to know just HOW to use them.

Here are some of the top tips I have for effective and successful affirmations.

  1. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repetition is key for affirmations. Your brain will not adapt overnight. It takes time and consistency to see a mental shift with affirmations.
  2. Stay positive. In your mindset, yes. But also in your wording. Words like “not’, “don’t”, etc. should not be in your affirmation practice. Focus on what you want to attract – not what you want to avoid.
  3. Journal. Affirmation journaling can be a really helpful tool for attracting new things/mindsets into your life. Start a written journal if that helps you focus on your affirmations more.
  4. Use affirmation tools. I personally use affirmation cards in my own practice. They are a great tool to help remind you of your affirmations throughout the day. Leave them around your home, in your car, etc. so you are constantly seeing them!
  5. Keep it present and precise. Keep your affirmations in the present tense and to the point. The more specific you can be, the better your mind can visualize and attract it!

Go Manifest That Money!

You now have the affirmations and the skills – go get started!

Start incorporating these money affirmations into your daily life and watch your financial abundance start to appear. The power of the mind is incredible – so use it!

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