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3 Reasons Why a Hybrid Care Approach Makes Sense


As online learning becomes an increasingly part of the higher education experience, it is critical that the methods and technologies used to deliver and monitor online learning maintain high levels of integrity, equity, and usability. When it comes to online assessments and proctoring, there are several models—AI-only (fully automated) monitoring, human-only monitoring, or a combination of both: hybrid proctoring.

Each model offers a slightly different approach, and each has its own advantages. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools use technology to improve monitoring efficiency, better understand exams and strengthen online teaching and learning approaches. Human control allows decisions to be made using human knowledge, logic, and reasoning, making students feel more confident that they are not being evaluated by a machine alone.

But the most effective online The proctoring model combines these benefits by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human intervention to detect unexpected behavior, ensure fairness, and maintain integrity. The convenience provided by AI and machine learning, combined with the human ability to make decisions based on complex and unpredictable situations, improves the entire testing experience for students and teachers alike.

Here are three ways a hybrid proctoring model, where artificial intelligence and human supervision are used in tandem, creates the perfect testing experience for both teachers and students.

1. A less invasive experience for students

With fewer distractions during exams, students can focus on demonstrating what they’ve learned. However, overly sensitive AI tools can raise flags and create unnecessary interruptions.

Most proctoring AI can detect sound, but some platforms have AI with intelligent voice detection. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, their impact on the testing experience is very different.

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