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3 ways to improve time management as an administrator


As an administrator, you already know that you need to master organizational, time management, and efficiency skills. And when you’re in higher education, you’ll have to do it while managing the schedules of many departments, faculty, staff, and students. And that’s a lot.

So it’s important not only to prioritize each element, but also to know how to use technology and tools so that you can control your time while strengthening relationships.

Use the calendar lock to your advantage

Blocking off time on your calendar early will help you spend your day more efficiently. If you need to update a document, put a blue block on your calendar for 20-30 minutes to focus exclusively on that. Or, if you need to make an important phone call for admissions, create a yellow block to give the person you’re interacting with your full attention. By pre-marking the time on the calendar, you will not wander during the day. Using color coding will help you visually understand which tasks you spend most of your time on. You can mark administrative tasks in blue, meetings in green, pickup points in yellow, and the list goes on.

Take control of your inbox

Almost everything is planned by email. Whether you’re connecting with someone virtually or in person, capturing the moment can be difficult. You can send multiple time slots that work for you, but this does not guarantee that any of these time slots will work for the recipient. This ends up leading to endless back and forth and takes up chunks of time that could be spent on other important tasks like budget discussions, donor meetings, assisting with the admissions process, and more.

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