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4 steps to successful SEL implementation

In this district, SEL helps support students’ and teachers’ well-being, mental health, and success--all critically important post-COVID.

After several years of using homegrown social emotional learning (SEL), our district has decided that it is time for a more formal curriculum that will support the mental health, academic achievement and overall well-being of our middle and high school students.

With about 840 students in grades 8-12, we have already developed a classroom / counseling period designed to build community among students. Our goal was to develop “belonging” among our students and staff.

When we built this, we started creating our own lessons using some of the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) training programs. We have assembled an advisory group of teachers who have helped bring together resources on mindfulness, kindness and other key topics.

This initiative went well for about two years, but it was just unbearable for us to continue to create something for 8-12 grade students every year.

4 steps to a successful switch

We were introduced 7 Setup one of our district’s former high school counselors, and after our advisory team reviewed the SEL platform, we convinced our central office that our high school needed it.

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