5 important aspects of your website that customers will pay attention to


    When you design your website, you must remember to include what matters. Please don’t focus on unnecessary things; you have to consider the customer experience.

    In this post, I’ve touched on five aspects that customers consistently pay attention to on any website. Usually customers want interesting things; so you need to include only the essential elements that they expect when you create your website. These are the aspects that will keep your customers satisfied and visiting your site.

    Contact information

    Your website should not miss relevant contact information.

    Make it easy for customers to access you in case of anything, be it inquiries or purchases. Make sure you include email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

    As you add Contact informationplease remember not to make things difficult for customers by asking for too much information.

    Banner photo hero

    What is a hero flag? This is a large web banner image, usually pinned to the top page of a web section. The hero banner is the first thing every website visitor will see.

    Yours banner design must be unique, creative and eye-catching. This will set your standards that will make you the best in the industry.

    If you have a bad banner, be prepared to lose customers to your competitors.

    Also, it’s important to remember not to overdo it when creating a banner.

    Digital platform integration

    Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are some platforms that you should not miss.

    If you offer products or even services that customers are interested in, it will help you to increase your following on all of the mentioned social media platforms.

    This way, people from all over will have accurate information about what you have to offer and can show interest.

    So it will help if you get social media accounts linked to your website.

    Easy navigation

    It’s no longer a secret that web design is important to every client, and you can’t hide it if it’s in bad shape.

    It’s not your goal to drive customers away from your site. This can happen if customers keep getting an irrelevant page with every click. So when it comes to navigationplease design a simple layout.

    Third party verification

    Third-party verification includes customer testimonials, case studies, awards and recognition you’ve received, and more.

    New customers who visit web pages are interested in what previous customers have to say about the services they received.

    Others will want to know your accomplishments and the people you work with. If you have big names that are known to many, you can get their endorsement and put them on your valued customer list.


    The website aims to attract customers from different parts of the world.

    Today, almost every business has a web page; therefore, you have to come up with a unique plan so that you can attract the attention of new customers as well as retain the regular ones.

    Please stick to the five aspects mentioned above as this is what customers are looking for on a web page.

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