Home Self Improvement #55 – Gods of Gods – Part 2

#55 – Gods of Gods – Part 2


Other planets in our solar system are teeming with intelligent life. Millions of years more spiritually advanced than we are, these civilizations live on higher planes of existence that our science cannot yet discover.

No planetary civilization in this system is more advanced than that on Saturn.

The Saturn Perfects, as they are known to us, are the greatest minds on Saturn because of their proximity to Divine Perfection. These 12 are responsible for the evolution and enlightenment of all life in our solar system, and there is no one on any of the planets – except Earth – who does not obey their greater wisdom.

In this week’s episode: Learn more about the exploits of these Perfect Ones and the practical lessons we can learn from their example for a better leadership system on Earth.


Join an international bestselling author Richard Lawrence discover wisdom Nine freedoms and what you can do to apply it in your quest to change the world and open the door to enlightenment. REichard has appeared on hundreds of radio shows around the world and is the author of 11 books, including Contacts with the gods from spaceand Realize your inner potentialboth of which he co-authored with yoga master Dr. George King – his spiritual mentor.

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