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6 presidents of Georgia colleges receive $ 5,000 in salaries

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The presidents of Georgia’s six state universities, which already have the highest salaries, will receive a $ 5,000 raise after the State Council approved the move at a meeting Tuesday.

The six presidents in line for a $ 5,000 salary increase are Brooks Kiel of Augusta University, who currently receives $ 1.2 million; Angel Cabrera of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who earns $ 980,000; M. Brian Blake of the University of Georgia, who has a salary of $ 955,000; Jer Morehead of the University of Georgia, who receives $ 916,729; and Kyle Morera of the Southern University of Georgia and Katie Schweig of the University of Keneso, each of whom receives an annual salary of $ 490,000, according to a report in Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Most of the increases take effect on July 1, the newspaper said, and include a deferral of compensation. Presidents at the helm of colleges in the system of public universities did not receive promotions the last two years due to the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

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