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6 Traits Women Leaders Rely On During Uncertainty


As part of the Inman Connect Las Vegas panel, WomanUp! co-founders Debra Trappen and Sarah Sutachan shared the results of their survey of hundreds of women in real estate leadership positions.

WomanUp!, an extension of the California Association of Realtors (CAR), has created a national movement over the past few years.

Their mission is to “identify, develop and connect women in the industry. We identify the tools and strategies needed to make bold moves in real estate. We provide you with resources and activities to develop your leadership skills. We are creating opportunities to network with other amazing leaders in the national brokerage community.”

“I love empowering women,” co-founder Debra Trappen said on stage Inman Connect Las Vegas on Thursday as part of WomanUp! panel where she was joined by a co-founder Sarah Sutachan. In the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 quarantine, WomanUp! went to work spotlighting women leaders to share what they did to get through the tough times. As a result, they filmed more than 500 video interviews with women leaders across the country.

After reviewing the footage, Trapen and Soutachan discovered six recurring themes that you can apply to your business as well.

  1. Durability: In times of uncertainty, flip the switch from fear to excitement. Resilient leaders are adaptable. Instead of fear, they turn to strength.
  2. Emotional intelligence: When a shift is imminent, a leader has no time to be frantic. In the moderators’ experience, women are quick to judge things and keep things up to date. It is that self-control that keeps many leaders from panicking. They turn to each other to overcome obstacles. These boss ladies are communicative and understanding with everyone in their ecosphere.
  3. Cooperation: “Creating a deep connection in an environment of mutual support is the key to being a good leader,” – said Sutachan. Try to let go a little. Don’t swim against the current among the rapids, swim with it. Compassionate leadership brings a great return for the team, and for the leader as well.
  4. Creativity: Leaders challenge themselves and others to see things from a different perspective. It helps suppress fear.
  5. Empowerment: You need to empower your team to make responsible data-driven decisions. When you empower your team, agents and customers, it’s magic, – said Sutachan.
  6. Contact: This is the basis. This is the most important thing skill for a leader master

As we face another shift in the market, Sutachan and Trapen recommend thinking about one of these six areas to focus on. And if you need a little female inspiration, check out replays of these interviews.

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