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608 thousand euros of Emlon’s aid for students affected by COVID-19

€608K emlyon aid for COVID-19 affected students

French business school emlyon has allocated 608,000 euros in emergency funds to help its students affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

In April, the Emlon Foundation, supported by its alumni network, provided emergency assistance of 408,000 euros to help 467 students in difficult situations.

Due to the prolonged pandemic, which leads to more severe economic and social consequences, emlyon will allocate an additional 200,000 euros to the students most affected, resulting in a total assistance of 608,000 euros.

Since 1993, emlyon business school has been supporting students in need through its foundation, using scholarships and grants, through its emergency fund.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, an emergency commission has been set up to review students’ cases, assess their marital and financial situation, to provide short-term financial assistance to improve their living conditions during this period.

As part of this approach to financial support, Emlon has also initiated a partnership with Toutes Mes Aides (“All the help I can get”), a platform with a list of the full range of help and assistance that can be claimed by students coming from Emlon, as well as those who can be provided by the government, region or city.

Emlyon students see increased support for health and employment with COVID-19 planning

According to the Emylon Foundation, it aims to provide specific solutions to minimize the physical and psychological impact caused by blocking.

With the second block, the medical staff of the wellness center is set to support students with disabilities, relying on a system of medical measures and psychological support.

Measures include online discussion groups, a 24-hour toll-free telephone line for psychological support, a set of measures to support students with disabilities or even the organization and holding of health-oriented webinars.

A section on COVID-19 is also available on the Emlyon Career Center platform to address employment issues given the uncertainty surrounding it. The Foundation will also have access to relevant advice on finding internships and vacancies in times of crisis.

Counting on the solidarity of its community, emlyon also appealed to its alumni to open the doors of their companies and provide guidance to their students.

Emaido Affia is a reporter from Nigeria’s Global Education Times that covers stories from North America, MENA and Africa for publication. Emaido is an experienced journalist and also a lifestyle blogger in her spare time.

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