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7 Signs Your Boss Cares About You


Whether we like it or not, our boss has a significant impact on our job satisfaction.

And how much your boss really cares about you as a person plays a big role in whether you have a good relationship with him.

To that end, this article unpacks the most common signs that your boss cares about you.

Let’s get started.

1. They ask about your personal life

personal and professional conversation

To me, the number one sign that your boss cares about you is that he takes an interest in your personal life.

There’s a delicate balance and level of professionalism to maintain, but in my opinion, a boss who cares about you should know you beyond what you get at work.

The bosses I’ve had the best relationship with know my wife’s name, my kid’s names, and know my hobbies and interests. And not only that, they ask me about them, encourage me in them and support me in them.

The managers who were more toxic side had no idea what my wife or children’s names were, and felt that I was only concerned to the extent that I put in the numbers they wanted.

2. They give you recognition and thanks

Thank you

Another sign that your boss cares about you is that they give you recognition and thanks.

They can do things like go out of their way to praise you publicly, volunteer your name for a company award, or recognize you in some other way.

Great leaders encourage the heart and again, don’t just treat you like a robot that exists to give them the numbers they need.

Public and positive praise is also one of the most powerful signs that your boss wants you to stay.

3. They invest in your development

professional development

A boss who cares about you wants you to be a great employee in the short and long term. They will want to develop your skills while you work for them and beyond.

In this sense, a great boss is going to invest in your development. They will give you longer tasks to build new skills. They will send you to classes and seminars to teach you new things.

Essentially, they will want to help you develop the skills to get you where you need to be.

4. They make you feel valued

All my best bosses and the ones I feel cared about me the most always made me feel valued. Both personally and professionally.

A boss can do this in a number of ways, some of which have already been mentioned in this list (such as recognition and investment in your development), but however it’s done, a boss who cares about you will make you feel like you’re from are a member of the organization.

5. They respect boundaries and maintain a good work-life balance


Another important sign that your boss cares about you is that he respects personal and professional boundaries and maintains a good work-life balance.

Good bosses know that there is more to life than work. And if they care about you, they will ensure a good balance and respect the boundaries between your personal and professional life.

Bosses who don’t care about you will only respect boundaries to the extent that you can still give them what they want.

6. They listen to your opinion

An important way to show someone in any context that you care is to listen to them.

And it’s no different in the workplace.

A boss who cares about you will genuinely listen to your opinions and feedback and incorporate them where appropriate.

7. They mentor you

The bosses that I had and cared about me the most did everything they could to mentor me.

When I messed something up in a meeting, they pulled me aside to coach me.

After I left the company, they still made time to meet with me for happy hour to answer career and mentoring questions.

They truly cared and invested in me personally and professionally, even when it was inconvenient for them.

So a boss who invests in you as a mentor is someone who definitely cares about you.

I wonder if you have a mentoring relationship with your boss? Or if your boss is a good teacher? This video is from Kari Kaufman does a great job of revealing the qualities of a good teacher:


Having a boss who cares about you makes a big difference to your job and career satisfaction.

And frankly, it’s in your best interest to do everything you can to find a great boss who cares about you.

So, if you have a boss who exudes many of the above signs that your boss cares about you, you’re in a great place, and you want to cherish that relationship for as long as you can.

On the other hand, if you have a boss who doesn’t, you might want to consider finding a better manager.

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