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76% of Indian students after study plan to work and settle abroad


Of the 1,044 students taking part in the study, only 20% plan to return to India immediately after studying abroad.

“India is witnessing a generational change as young people seek to reach their full potential as never before,” said Divakar Chandiok. INTO director of recruitment in South Asia.

“Many are more eager to study and live abroad and see their place as citizens of the world, ready to contribute and lead in a variety of fields from cutting-edge technology to research and innovation.”

One-third of participants said they choose a place to study abroad based on post-study job opportunities and the quality of education, and 33% said they want to settle abroad forever or migrate to the country to study abroad.

“The quality of education and the ability to live and work abroad determine the choice of Indian students by choosing universities to study abroad,” Chandiok added.

The survey found that living experience in another country, better education and better employment prospects at home and abroad with an international diploma were the top three motivations for studying abroad.

“Improving accessibility combined with a highly competitive educational environment at the local level, especially for in-demand subjects, also tempts Indian students to seek quality education abroad and the associated benefits,” Chandiok said.

Another 41% said they still prefer to study abroad, even if the same quality education is offered by Indian universities.

Eight out of 10 (84%) respondents said the pandemic had somehow changed their study abroad, with 40% saying it had made the trip “too difficult” and 31% said student visas to many areas of study had become “ much harder to “get”.

“Universities and governments in destination countries need to work together to ensure that all qualified international students have a smooth transition from enrollment to relocation to their campuses,” said Olivia Streetfield, CEO of INTO.

“It is important that institutions are prepared to meet the changing expectations of students looking for greater returns on their investments”

“It is equally important that institutions be prepared to meet the changing expectations of international students who are looking for greater returns on their investments in terms of employment opportunities and skills to succeed.”

INTO CareerFirst programs are the company’s employment scheme launched in 2021 – seek to give students access to expert support, training and work experience so that “they get the need for today’s competitive job market,” added Michael Linas, vice president of INTO CareerFirst.

“At INTO, we are fully committed to supporting students not only in achieving their academic ambitions, but also in helping them move forward and faster in their career goals,” Linas suggested.

The US was the main destination for 31% of respondents, followed by Canada (23%) and the UK (17%). INTO also noted that a “significant share” – 12% – is considered by institutions in Asia.

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