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8 best routes for travel in Germany with a ticket worth 9 euros

8 best routes for travel in Germany with a ticket worth 9 euros

Germany is long awaited A monthly ticket on public transport costing nine euros is scheduled to launch on June 1 this year giving German residents the ability to easily travel around the country in the current cost of living crisis.

The discounted ticket will last only three months, making this summer a time to explore Germany public transport. We cannot guarantee the weather will be fine, but here are some of the best routes in Germany in the coming months, using only regional transport.

From Dresden to Bad Schandau, Saxony

In beautiful of Saxony is the city of Dresden, once the most populous city in East Germany. The city is not only imbued with interesting history, but also relatively well connected, which allows you to go there by train from most other major German cities.

From Dresden, one of the best routes for travelers is the S-Bahn to Bad Schandau, which takes only 44 minutes. Along the way passengers are greeted by magnificent views of the Elbe sandstone mountains and the river. From Bad Schandau day trippers can extend their trip by hiking to the Schramstein Mountains, some of the most beautiful German peaks outside the Alps.

Hanse Express, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

From Hamburgthe Hanse Express train carries passengers Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and showcases the beauty of the river Elbe, on the way to the German port city of Rostock. The trip takes about two hours and can even be extended so you can visit one of Germany’s most beautiful islands – Rügen.

Rügen is known for its beautiful beaches and dramatic coastline and is a popular resort in Germany. So this route is perfect for those in Hamburg who are looking for a weekend. The Hanse Express runs every two hours, and travelers to Rügen just need to change trains to Rostock to continue their journey.

Super Lines, Brandenburg

For fans of Super Lines in trains Brandenburg are a real treat. These trains, consisting of several lines with a total length of almost 400 kilometers, can be a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Travelers living in Berlin this line will be especially interesting, as throughout the region begins many routes that travel to places like Wismar – where is the Wismar Zoo, a famous landmark family – and Lubben in Spreewald.

Lantalban, Hesse

Between Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate lies Lahntalbahn, a historic section of railway that was opened between 1858 and 1863. The railways run along the River Lan, and the route is a particularly good route for cyclists, as passengers can quite easily disembark and join Lahntalradweg.

These days, most trains on this line run from Koblenz and Giessen – change at the Wetzlar station in Hesse to join the Krop line to Giessen. Over the years, there have been many proposals to upgrade the line, such as adding it to high-speed rail networks or electrifying the entire route, but many have failed. However, in 2015 an upgrade of the part of the line relating to the signaling in the Rhineland-Palatinate was done, but most of the route exists as in 1858.

Koblenz – Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate

For the Rhineland-Palatinate itself, there are several excellent railway options – the key one being the route between Koblenz and Trier. The Moselle Valley, where the line is located, is also home to some of Germany’s best vineyards and winemakers.

Travelers can stop on the way to Trier in Bullay, which has its own wine railway – the Moselle Wine Railway, heading to Traben-Trarbach. Although the route is only 13 kilometers, travelers can explore the vineyards and try local German wine for a short break along the way.

Elstertalban, Thuringia

Technically, Vogtland stretches for three Federal lands of Germanybut here is Thuringia’s famous trail state of Thuringia, near the Czech border. The Elstertalbahn runs through Vogtland and the 400-kilometer Thuringian trail, making the Elstertalbahn route ideal for long hikes or cycling trips.

Along the route, travelers can see some of the most beautiful in the country attractions and sightsincluding locks, monuments and churches. The route even passes the Elster Valley Bridge, the second largest brick bridge in the world, made of about 12 million bricks.

Freilassing in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

Naturally, here are some of the most beautiful trains in Germany Bavaria. This federal land is known for its stunning alpine landscape and great traditional German food. The line from Freilasing to Berchtesgaden passes through a glorious village and winds around some of the best national parks the country has to offer.

Another great route in the region is the Mittenwaldbahn, which passes through the Karwendel mountains, giving passengers a magnificent view and a pleasant holiday from the city. For citizens the line from Munich in Füssen is also a great option, with the opportunity to explore the fabulous Neuschwanstein Castle, located a short hike from Füssen.

High Rhine Railway, Baden-Württemberg

Although this route actually starts in Switzerland, there are many German stations where you can pick up the train. Starting from the Badischer Bahnhof in Basel, Switzerland, the High Rhine Railway route runs along the river, giving travelers a pleasant walk past the waterfalls of Schaffhausen, Lake Constance and the Alps.

From Lake Constance you can also climb the route Black Forest, Black Forest. Heading from Karlsruhe to Lake Constance and back, this 150-year-old railway line was created to avoid tunnels through the mountains, guaranteeing all passengers a breathtaking view of the unforgettable landscape. Baden-Württemberg.

Ticket conditions

While a ticket costing nine euros has not yet been introduced, there are some conditions we already know about. For example, tickets are only valid on local public transport networks, so they are not valid on long-distance trains such as IC or ICE trains. EU trains operated by Deutsche Bahn, as well as FlixTrains and FlixBuses, are also not running.

In addition, tickets are only available for June, July and August, but each will be valid throughout the month. Cyclists should be aware that a ticket costing nine euros does not include the cost of cycling on board. Happy traveling!

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