Home Education 85% of Americans who negotiated a job offer were successful

85% of Americans who negotiated a job offer were successful

85% of Americans who negotiated a job offer were successful

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When it comes to negotiating a job offer, don’t ask – you won’t get it.

It turns out many don’t ask, according to a poll from Fidelity Investments.

About 58% of Americans accepted the initial offer in their current position without negotiations, the poll showed.

However, negotiations are working. According to Fidelity, 85% of Americans – and 87% of professionals aged 25 to 35 – who objected to wages, other compensation or benefits, or both pay and other compensation and benefits, received at least part of what they asked for. . A survey conducted from March 8 to 14 by Engine Insights surveyed 1,524 adult Americans aged 25 to 70 who are currently working full-time or part-time.

“People feel they can’t or shouldn’t negotiate, but companies expect you to negotiate,” said Caroline Seniza-Levin, executive coach at Dream Career Club.

“They respect good negotiators,” she added. “They respect you if you can stand up for yourself.”

“They want someone with such confidence to be on their side of the table.”

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Confidence is the key. So do your homework. Research compensation for your work, field and location. Also, ask other people about their salaries or what they know about pay.

“If you understand what you can ask for, if you do a good job of showing your value, it would help boost confidence in any salary negotiations,” said Kelly Lanan, senior vice president of new clients at Fidelity Investments.

Before making a counter-offer, decide what you want. It could be a higher salary, or it could be a bonus, benefits, title or amount of work.

When focusing on earnings, remember that even if your earnings match market data, you can still sell your specific skill set or experience as a reason to raise rates, Seniza-Levin said.

People feel they can’t or shouldn’t negotiate, but companies expect you to agree.

Caroline Seniza-Levin

Executive coach at Dream Career Club

If higher pay is not specified in the cards, you can also agree on these non-salary items.

“Really look at the offer as a whole and don’t be in a hurry to say that the one who gets the most money will win,” she said.

Also think about what’s going on in the company. For example, do they need you to start right away? If so, it may be worth the extra payment or bonus to start earlier, she said.

If possible, negotiate with a person who will make the final decision. If you can’t, try your best to build a relationship with the person you’re talking to, such as a recruiter, so they can be a good manager of your business, Seniza-Levin advised.

The way you approach an employer with a counter-offer also matters. Be clear that you are happy to work for the company and emphasize the skills and value you bring to the table, Lanan said.

“The way you engage in conversation is just as important as what you say,” she said.

After all, never bother to ask. If the answer is “no”, it does not mean that the job offer will be canceled. Also, you can always review the topic later.

“No” just means “not now,” Seniza-Levin said. – It’s not forever.

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