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9 Best Cat Books (2022) Cat Care and Cat Stories


International cat day it’s the perfect day to celebrate our furry friends with wonderful cat books! They add joy and happiness to our lives every day.

August 8 is International Cat Day.

Petting a cat is one of the most pleasant feelings a person can experience. These purring, cute and intelligent animals are full of love and tenderness. Honestly, you can’t resist a playful cat chasing something or just sleeping. Seriously, they are adorable.

Cat lovers like myself find them to be wonderful companions, and their fierce independence and curiosity make us love them even more. We would do anything to better understand them accurately. This includes informing them about what makes them tick. That’s why most of us put it on the shelf books about cats.

If you’re a cat lover, this selection of cat books will help you understand cats better and appreciate them more.

What are the best books about cats?

Little catMala Katzenberg (2022)

(non-fiction, cat biography)

Malaya grew up in Tarnograd, a Polish village on the edge of a dense pine forest. Her childhood was what she had always hoped for. However, when she was twelve, this village she loved was turned into a ghetto after the German invasion. Mala’s family and friends starved to death.

Mala had to pull herself together, and then she released her yellow star, risked sneaking out and went to the neighboring villages to trade for food.

On the way back, she saw how her loved ones were being prepared for deportation. Mala also received a letter from her sister telling her to stay away. In order to survive, she left everything she held dear and lived alone in the forest. Had to hide from enemy fascists and fellow villagers.

The wandering cat Malach followed Mala, stayed with her and often saved her. Malach became Mala’s family, rescued her from loneliness, became her guide and reminded her to keep hope in her dark times.

Cats of the soulTamara Schenk (2022)

(journalistic, spiritual)

There are times when life requires us to take matters into our own hands. Cats of the soul provides a personal and unique mission for Max and tells the story of how Max shared a deep love with Howie, Flix and their human guardians. Thanks to this love, these cats have survived hard times.

This book captures the essence of the animal-human relationship and takes readers on a fascinating journey of communication, suffering, true connection, and the light that triumphs.

Everyone has physical and mental baggage, just like the old cats in the book. But these cats achieved symbiotic healing through a caring relationship and crossed the rainbow bridge. Max is an alpha cat, Flix is ​​a smart thinker, and Howie is an eternally smart cat. These cats and their guardians experience joyful and emotional situations that force them to see a sober and profound reality.

Essentially, this book makes the case for natural healing methods, traditional medicine, and energy clearing work, and how all of these factors can form a powerful trinity that offers relief and deep meaning in life.

The Complete Guide to the Maine CoonJordan Honeycutt (2022)

(journalism, cat care)

The Maine Coon is one of the preferred cat breeds in many homes. The Maine Coon is a giant American cat breed that is attractive due to its cute coat, long fur and gentle and playful nature.

If you own or want to pet a Maine Coon, you should purchase this book to learn more about the breed. The book collects various features, facts, quirks and qualities that distinguish the Maine Coon. There are also tips and techniques to help you bond better with your cat and curb common destructive behaviors.

To help you become an even better owner, the book will provide you with information on choosing a Maine Coon, training, grooming, temperament/emotional needs, breeding, and preparing your family and home for a cat.

You will also learn about your cat’s nutritional needs and health issues that may affect the Maine Coon. It will be even easier now that you’ve read about this cat’s supposed origins, history, and lifespan. You will also learn the details of why the Maine Coon is great for cat shows and competitions.

Where they purrby Paul Barbera (2022)

(journalism, photography)

Cats have a great ability to command a room and can also be notoriously aloof. But what can these curious creatures tell about their owners regarding design sensibilities and personal style?

Where they purr illustrates over twenty inspiring homes and stylish interiors that are home to charismatic felines. The book features a variety of styles and settings, such as a historic Victorian terrace, an art-filled city apartment, a modern farmhouse and a cozy rental. All of these houses are thoughtfully designed and showcase different domains for cats. This book will help you discover the different preferences of cats in sunlit corners, rooms with a view, or mid-century furniture.

Paul used stunning photographs to capture desirable homes and complemented them with enigmatic feline qualities. He beautifully combined the different personalities of cats to reflect what wonderful creatures they are in their environment.

This book is a must read if you love cats and admire architecture and interiors.

Can you meow again?by Un Animal De Compagnie (2022)

(journalism, cat care)

This book is just what you need to create the lasting bond and good relationship you’ve been wanting with your cat. It is probably difficult for you because you do not understand your cat, but with this book, these worries will soon be over.

You’ll learn how to troubleshoot your cat’s behavior so you can understand it better, and you’ll learn whether there’s a right or wrong way to train your cat – a question you’ve probably asked yourself at some point. Common cat behavior problems have origins and practical solutions that you can use to improve your understanding.

Being a cat owner doesn’t mean you have to change your entire lifestyle. You can learn to live with a cat because they are trainable, which many people don’t know. You will learn how your cat’s personality traits can affect your relationship and how you can use her personality to your advantage.

CatsRebecca Bell (2022)

(journalism, cat care)

Many people love cats and are thinking about adopting them. This book is the perfect guide on how to become a cat parent. From the beginning, it has detailed information about choosing the right kitten and how to care for a pedigree cat.

If you don’t know much about cats, the book has details about their anatomy and physiology. They are designed for different breeds such as Maine Coon, Persian, Abyssinian, Siamese, Russian Blue and Burmese. You will learn how to care for them as they grow. Enjoying time with cats is about understanding them more. You will learn how to treat and dress wounds to keep your cat comfortable during an injury. This book is short but packed with real ideas and what’s even better is professional advice on training, husbandry and care.

Cat Behavior Answer BookArden Moore (2022)

(journalism, cat care)

Cats can be very mysterious, making their owners want to understand why they behave the way they do and how they can strengthen their bond. In this second edition, pet expert Arden offers answers to a variety of questions that are often on the minds of cat owners. Whether your question concerns care, feeding, training, communication, or other aspects of cat behavior, this book has it all.

Are you wondering if cats dream, why they need whiskers, or how to keep your home cat-proof? You will find out here. In addition, you will understand why older cats howl at night, how to stop cats from jumping on kitchen counters, and how to get your cat away from curtains.

Arden also answers questions about how to toilet train a kitten, get rid of the smell of cat urine, the best way to trim nails and whether it is safe for a cat to eat grass. With this book, you are on your way to a happy life with your cat.

Reproduction of catsAimee Johnson (2022)


Cats are popular pets whose owners want to provide them with excellent veterinary care. Purebred cats, which require high-quality reproductive care from veterinarians, attracted great interest.

Reproduction of cats all aspects of cat reproduction are described in detail. The book begins with the basics of anatomy and guides readers through normal reproduction. It covers valuable information about feline pregnancy and newborn care, and shows you how to perform a breeding fitness exam. You will also receive information about cryopreservation of feline semen.

In addition to these insights, the book provides up-to-date and comprehensive information on unusual conditions that affect feline reproduction, such as infertility, contraception, and spontaneous abortions. The book is not only about domestic animals, but also about non-domestic species. This is very important for cat breeders, veterinarians and students, as well as zoo scientists, but it will also provide sensitive information for you as a cat owner.

Cat James the ConnoisseurHarriet Khan (2015)


The book tells the story of James, a cat with human features who solves mysteries and a businessman vacationing in London. They form an unlikely friendship and go on adventures together.

James and the businessman met, and as they continued to interact during further interaction, the story of the cat moved slowly, it feels like you are walking around London.

James runs a subway pickpocketing scheme, hunting down counterfeit stamps and fake paintings. In between crimes, he checks out potential tenants, spends holidays at his ancestral estate in Devon.

Final thoughts on the best books about cats

There are many great books about cats that both children and adults will enjoy.

We hope our list of cat books will give you a different perspective of our feline friends. I’m sure you’d better decipher them and prepare accordingly to celebrate them International Cat Day (August 8) approaches. Felineness is divine!

If you love animals as much as I do, feel free to check out our favorites too Books about horses.

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