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a band that sings about Sachina and Shivaji – The New Indian Express

a band that sings about Sachina and Shivaji - The New Indian Express

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India’s first Marathi rock band Moksh has repeatedly surpassed the envelope with its ambitious projects

They have played over 500 shows across the country. They were courting the crowd. They even got to Bollywood. But not so often you can meet bands that do more than just entertain. Moksh, India’s first Marathi rock band has a much bigger goal – to give a voice to the struggle of the common Indian.

Founded in 2009, the four-member band, which included Jimmy Alexander (lead / rhythm), Sagar Joshi (bass), Pushkar Kulkarni (keyboards) and Shreas Joshi (drums), is India’s first horn-metal group. “Since we’re all from Maharashtra, we decided to do something to promote the Marathi language, so most of our songs are in Marathi,” says Sagar Joshi, adding, “It usually takes about 40 minutes of horn. But nowadays people’s attention is decreasing. So we cut our horns to four minutes. ”

While most bands are looking for new ways to get their audiences captivated by their music, Moksha is looking beyond that. “We’ve always enjoyed doing live shows. But we wanted to do more than that. We wanted people to know about the concerns of the people around them, ”says Sagar. They have written songs on several everyday issues, from farmers ’suicides and women’s empowerment to road safety.

They recently performed at what they called a one-rupee show in Mumbai, where band members took just one rupee from the proceeds of the concert and donated the rest to various charities. They also created the Wall of Hope during one of their shows where people could donate used books to children from underprivileged groups. “Every Independence Day or other national holiday, we hear songs that try to evoke patriotic feelings,” says Sagar. One of their future songs, Ghe Bharari, depicts a little girl who, despite an excellent education, chooses fishing.

The band often performs in the countryside. Sagar says, “The village crowd is different. It takes them longer to make an impact, but once you do, they become so loyal and loyal, ”he adds. – One day we had a show in a small village in Baramaty. It was attended by about 3,000 people. They recorded music on their phones. We were invited again the following year. This time there were 7,000 people and we were told they were still listening to songs recorded from our previous show. When we were invited for the third time, it was a huge event, which gathered more than 20,000 people. “
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