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A biology professor has reportedly been ordered to stop teaching gender issues


The Foundation for Human Rights and Free Speech and the PEN Club of America are demanding answers from Valdosta State University over reports that it ordered a biology professor to change the way she teaches sex and gender after a parent complained. Jeremy S. Young, senior manager of free speech and education at the PEN Center, said in a statement: “Most college students are adults, and parents should not control what their grown children can learn, let alone what a professor can teach the whole class. Teachers should be able to freely explore academic topics with their students, including those that are controversial or uncomfortable, without fear of repercussions. It is at the heart of the academic mission of universities.”

In accordance with Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Leslie Jones, a professor, says the parents of one student complained this semester about a lesson she taught in her class on the cultural construction of gender on the topic of evolution and diversity. “The father told my dean that he didn’t want his daughter to be taught that ‘woke (expletive) thing,'” Jones said. Jones’ dean, Pierre-Richard Corneli, then allegedly ordered her to change her approach or be removed from the class. Jones called FIRE for help. Sabrina Konza, FIRE’s program officer, said, “By issuing this ultimatum to Professor Jones, they are violating her First Amendment rights to academic freedom.”

This was reported by the press secretary of the university, Robin Despain Inside the higher ed that Valdosta State is “reviewing the issues raised” by FIRE and that it has responded to the request. The University “remains committed to protecting the freedoms of speech, expression, petition, religion, and peaceful assembly of all citizens as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and affirmed by the policy of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. At the same time, the university also continues to strive to ensure that the content taught in the courses is consistent with the published catalog description of each course.’

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