A Chinese university scoffed at an online swimming test

Are US universities losing their advantage?

Shanghai University is mocking Chinese social media for an online swimming test.

South China Morning Post said the university, like many in China and some in the US, requires a swimming test. Students in Shanghai must swim 50 meters.

Since Shanghai is currently closed, the university has announced that students can take the tests online. “Classes and facilities, including the swimming pool at the university, have been suspended due to the current blockade of COVID-19. To ensure that students will be able to complete their studies, we decided to conduct a test on swimming on the Internet, “- said an employee of the dean’s office to the Chinese newspaper. Dima.

More than 65,000 people responded to the post on the social network Weibo.

Comments included “Is the real version of internet surfing real?” and “Could it be a bath in the bathtub at home?”

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