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A Colorado teacher climbed Everest

A Colorado teacher climbed Everest

Eddie Taylor, a chemistry teacher at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, was one of seven members of a team of all-black climbers, Full Circle Everest, climb the highest mountain in the world on the morning of May 12th.

He noted the historical ascent in the village Post to Instagram, writes, “We did it all! The expedition succeeded. The summit is just a step in a very long way. At 2:40 a.m. on May 12, Pasang Sherpa and I set foot on the highest point of the Earth, took some blurry photos and headed down. ”

Taylor, who is also a high school athletics coach, traveled to Nepal in early April. In an interview before his departure, he said he could return to Centaurus in the Boulder Valley area on the last or second day of school this month. (In school orchestra April 1 held him bright wires.)

While other black climbers had previously climbed Everest, it was the first top of a team of black climbers. The other members of the Full Circle team who climbed to the top were Thomas Moore, also from Colorado; and Manoa Ainu, Rosemary Saal, Damand Mullins, James “KG” Kagami and Evan Green. Phil Henderson, who lives in Cortes, Colorado, led the Full Circle team but did not rise.

У March interview with ChalkbeatTaylor said he hopes the expedition and the advertising around it will serve as a rug for colorful people interested in outdoor sports.

“If you’re a black person or a Latin American, and you“ climb ”Google, you’ll still see a lot of people who don’t look like you,” Taylor said. “That, I think, makes these sports … more inaccessible.”

He said that in addition to outdoor groups focused on people of color, Full Circle Everest helps make outdoor adventures accessible by showcasing elite black climbers who “also want to give back and say, ‘Okay, you can do that too.’

Anne Shimke is a senior reporter at Chalkbeat, covering early childhood issues and early literacy. Contact Anne at aschimke@chalkbeat.org.

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