Home Education A German woman convicted of sabotaging her partner’s condoms

A German woman convicted of sabotaging her partner’s condoms

A German woman convicted of sabotaging her partner's condoms

Bielefeld Regional Court, North Rhine-Westphaliapleaded guilty to sexual assault after it was established that she had intentionally punctured holes in her partner’s condoms without his knowledge.

An interesting case of condom trimming

A recent lawsuit in the defense city Bielefeld attracted the attention of both local and national. The court found the 39-year-old woman guilty of sexual assault after it was found that she had leaked her partner’s condoms to conceive.

The woman apparently had a casual sexual relationship with her 42-year-old partner after they met online early last year. It is reported that the woman had feelings for her partner, who did not want to enter into a favorable relationship. The woman then punctured holes in her partner’s condoms, trying to get out pregnantalthough she ultimately failed.

The woman later sent a message to her partner on WhatsApp to say she believed she was pregnant and admitted to intentionally damaging condoms. The man then reported the policeand the woman eventually admitted to trying to manipulate her partner.

A historical lawsuit?

The judge in charge of the case called it “historic” because the prosecutor’s office and the court were initially unsure of the charges against the woman, despite agreeing that the crime had been committed. “Today we wrote a legal history here,” Judge Astrid Saleuski told the court.

The court first found out whether the crime was rape. However, after reviewing the case law, the judge ruled that the crime was a case of “theft”, an act of secretly removing a condom during sexual intercourse. “This provision also applies otherwise. Condoms were rendered unusable without the man’s knowledge and consent, ”Salevskaya said in her decision.

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