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A graduate of the State University turns eucalyptus oil and honey into a business proposition: The Tribune India

DU graduate turns eucalyptus oil, honey into business propositions

New Delhi, March 27th

Eucalyptus, which is commonly used to make oil, can also produce honey through its flowers, and it is also healthy! Arun Kumar Pandey of Wazirganja in the Gonda area of ​​Uttar Pradesh, recognizing the healing properties of eucalyptus, began extracting oil and honey from its flowers and leaves and selling them in the market. This oil is good for both hair and skin.

A resident of Parashva in Wazirganj, Arun, after graduating from the University of Delhi is now preparing for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam along with running this business.

Starting on January 1, 2018, he has so far earned a profit of 50 lakh rupees and provided employment opportunities to more than a dozen people.

So far Arun has planted about 5,000 seedlings to get oil from their leaves by heating and placing them in an extraction container. The water and oil are then separated inside a separate beaker and then delivered to Dabur, Patanjali and other places.

Arun also underwent a training program at the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) to master the extraction process. Trained by the scholar Prabhat Singh, he also learned to identify leaves with a higher oil content.

In an interview with IANS, he said: “I did a lot of research before planting these trees. Hybrid eucalyptus does not tolerate water. If it stays in the water for too long, it will dry out. But this plant is very important in the production of medicines.” Arun graduated from Scholar Boarding School Dehradun and then his parents sent him to the University of Delhi. After graduating from school, he set up his own eucalyptus oil plant and produced about 50-60 quintals a month.

According to Rajesh Verma, who is a CIMAP researcher, there are some species of this plant, such as eucalyptus globular, that are used to make medicinal oils and analgesic balms. Honey can also be extracted from its flowers. Cultivated in the Terai region. IANS

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