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A new jewelry store location commits to a $24,000 diversified advertising campaign based on AdMall Intelligence


MaryKate Hester, Account Executive at Spectrum coverage, had been working with the family jewelry store for about three months when it came time to decide if they wanted to invest in advertising for a full year. The business had recently opened a new location nearby and wasn’t quite sure how to market it.

This family jewelry store originally ran a seasonal campaign in Q4 2021 to get their feet wet,” said Hester. “The current owner remembers growing up in the old storefront with his father, and now his two sons work alongside him and welcome their own children into the family. They are great people with a genuine attitude and focus on customer care. They do custom jewelry as well as designer styles.”

Their business is booming, but they just opened a new one [location] several months before meeting me, so they needed to direct the business to the new location as well as the original one.’

Solution: Provide the family with easy-to-understand information about what to advertise and how to advertise it

Hester used AdMall for four years, so she knew she could rely on her library of research to help the jewelry store advertise its new location. Specifically, Hester used the Local Accounts Report.

I knew I wanted to use AdMall to provide factual information about their clientele to support my proposition,” said Hester. “I’ve attached a slide from my presentation that used AdMall Intelligence, it was a great way to help them figure out where their customers are.”

Hester placed them across traditional linear advertising, streaming TV, online video, and three video productions.

The result: instant ROI and relationship building

After initially trying Hester’s quarterly plan, the jewelry store signed a $24,000 12-month contract to advertise its new location.

They decided to move forward in 2022 with a full annual campaign to focus on branding year-round while promoting jewelry-related holidays in certain months,” said Hester. “We’ve built a wonderful relationship of trust, and it all started with AdMall’s local account report.”

They have told us several times that customers have come into their new store and mentioned that they saw their commercial,” Hester said.

For those new to AdMall, Hester had the following advice.

You can really use insight to validate the why in your speech,” Hester said. “Our potential customers know we’re reaching out to them with the products we’re selling, so if we can give them information that tells them a story about what their customers are looking at, interacting with, interacting with, they’re more likely to agree with our recommendations.”

The AdMall Local Account Intelligence Report is available for over 400+ businesses and provides a wealth of research at the local, state and national levels. It is the basic report that a rep should prepare before their first sales call that will put them on an equal footing with the prospect.

Everything from market demographics, consumer spending, marketing/budget numbers, top selling products, industry challenges and opportunities, and more can be found in this report. If you’d like to learn more about local account reporting, feel free to register for the next AdMall 101 Webinar at the AdMall Learning Center.

Adam Ambro is the Director of Customer Success at SalesFuel. He is responsible for onboarding all new AdMall customers, assisting with customer education and writing for Media Sales Today. He holds a BA from The Ohio State University.

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