Home Education A new Lego giraffe has appeared in Potsdamer Platz

A new Lego giraffe has appeared in Potsdamer Platz

A new Lego giraffe has appeared in Potsdamer Platz

Cameras and mobile phones on standby: Potsdamer Platz has a new one attraction that I’m just dying to be photographed. Meet the new giraffe Legoland Discovery Center!

Potsdamer Platz gets a new Lego giraffe

After 15 years of standing in Potsdamer Platz Berlinan old yellow giraffe from the Legoland Discovery Center was finally sent in retirement and replaced with a new one child on the block.

The new giraffe, built on Wednesday from several broken parts using a crane, a truck and 42,000 Lego bricks, reaches six meters in height and is decorated with colorful spots.

Submit your name proposal for a new giraffe in Berlin

According to Discovery Center CEO Ani Nietzsche, the new giraffe represents “a colorful world where everyone has the right to be accepted and be creative”.

The giraffe doesn’t have it yet name, and the center urges the public to help them. Suggestions can be presented through the Legoland Discovery Center website until June 17, 2022, and whoever chooses the winning name will receive a special prize! So put on your hats for thinking – though we’re not sure Giraffey McGiraffeface will cut it.

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