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A professor whose work influenced the Buffalo Killer is retiring


A University of Notre Dame professor whose articles appeared in an allegedly racist book by a Buffalo, New York, killer has retired. The South Bend Tribune no link due to payment – version of article sent by email –sjinformed.

John Gaskey, associate professor of marketing, is “professor emeritus,” according to his faculty bio.

Dennis Brown, a spokesman for Notre Dame, confirmed that Gaskey had become a professor emeritus but said he could not say more.

Gaskey did not respond to requests for comment.

Peyton Hendron, an 18-year-old white man charged with first-degree murder in the May 14 shooting deaths of 10 black employees and patrons at a Buffalo supermarket, Gaskey included in a 180-page diatribe posted online. In particular, Hendron cited a 2013 paper that “A Debate About Race, Crime, and Inconvenient Facts” publishing house Investor’s Business Daily, in which Gaskey accuses “racial con artists” and “racers” of falsely “creating an atmosphere of racist danger to black citizens.”

Hendran was apparently intrigued by the part of the article in which Gaskey discusses “interracial violent crime,” including this statement: “Because the number of white-on-black rapes is so low nationally in any given year, the ratio ranges from 100 to -1 to infinity. Liberal, politically correct feminists need to think about this. If these racial crime ratios were random, they would be the same — that is, 1 to 1 — for the two racial groups.”

Gaska’s cited article cites a single undated data source: “United States Department of Justice, Victims and Offenders.” Gaskey did not provide a more specific reference last week. But his claims appear to be an extrapolation of data from earlier versions of the National Crime Victimization Survey. In some years, the proportion of sexual assaults involving black victims and white perpetrators is 0 percent of the total number of sexual assaults.

In any case, presenting data like Gaskey’s ignores that the race of the perpetrator is unavailable or unlisted in many rape cases (25 percent of cases with black victims in 2008); that white criminals are responsible for the vast majority of rapes where the race of the perpetrators is known; that white criminals do attack black victims, but black men who attack white women have been shown to receive more serious criminal charges and longer sentences; and other important frameworks and contexts.

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