Home Education A ‘Queer’ teacher in Utah has been suspended for talking to students

A ‘Queer’ teacher in Utah has been suspended for talking to students

A ‘Queer’ teacher in Utah has been suspended for talking to students

The state charter school in Lehi has fired a fourth-grade teacher who calls himself strange after a video appeared in which a teacher describes several discussions with former students that, according to a school official, are “inappropriate.”

The students who are now in fifth grade, “come to me almost every day after school, and many of them are weirdos because I’m awesome. So they figured it out, and I became a safe space for them, ”the teacher says Video TikTok.

Mark Ursic, CEO Renaissance Academya statement said Monday that the school became aware of a video posted on social media on Friday.

“In the video, the teacher describes several inadequate conversations with former students. The employee is on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation. It is expected that our teachers will perform the highest degree of professionalism. Behavior that is unprofessional, violates the state code, or violates the trust given to us by the families of the Renaissance Academy will not be allowed, ”Ursic said.

The Renaissance Academy serves about 750 K-8 students. According to the Utah Board of Education’s licensing database, the educator has been licensed to teach in Utah since 2019, and since the fall of 2020 has been licensed by the local education agency to teach at the Renaissance Academy.

In the video, the teacher says, “I am very happy that they are finding out who they are, that they are happy with who they are and they have found a safe place. But dude, I could never have imagined that in fifth grade I would say these things out loud, even though I know it’s okay. I grew up super-religious where nothing was right. And here, seeing how it happens. ” The educator then shouts, then greets: “Yes!”

At the beginning of the school year, Lehi High School science teacher made headlines after a cell phone video it became known that the educator expressed her political views to the students in her class on the first day of school.

In a video, apparently secretly taken by students, the teacher used obscene language, expressed pandemic exhaustion and told her students that they should not believe what their parents believe because “most Yall’s parents are stupider than you.”

She also told students that if they don’t believe in climate change, they should “get the hell out of it”.

Representatives of the Alpine School District said in a statement that the veteran teacher’s behavior was “inappropriate, does not reflect the professional behavior and decency we expect from our teachers, and will not be tolerated.”

The teacher no longer works in the school district, although the school district statement at the time did not specify whether the educator had resigned or been fired.

Although K-12 teachers have the right to freedom of speech, there are restrictions in the school environment.

“A speech in the classroom does not have the same protection of the First Amendment as a speech by an individual outside of school. School districts have the authority to oversee the content, curriculum, and methodology adopted by school staff, ”the ACLU said in a statement. The right to free speech of public and statutory teachers and school staff in Utah.

The Alpine School District Code of Conduct states that staff and volunteers must act professionally.

“This includes civil communication and the non-promotion of personal opinions, issues or political positions in the educational process inconsistent with the law,” the code said.

The Renaissance Academy is not a school of the Alpine district. He has his own board of directors.

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