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A sharp decline in the number of Indian entrants to U.S. business schools


The number of Indian entrants to US business schools is declining. According to statistics released by the Higher Education Admissions Council (GMAC), which conducts the GMAT exam, the number of Indian students applying to U.S. business schools has fallen by 12 percent.


Data show that in 2018, only 45 percent of Indian test takers sent their scores to U.S. B schools, compared to 57 percent in 2014.

This year, about 48 percent of U.S. programs have dropped, half of international students who took the GMAT but chose not to apply in America for several reasons. The main attraction of American management programs for Indian students was the attractive employment opportunities they could take advantage of after completing the course.

However, companies now decide to hire only local talent to save on possible replacement costs that arise due to visa uncertainty. Education consultants who specialize in supervising applications have stated that Indian students decide to apply in India itself or choose business schools in Canada or Europe.

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Indian students who plan to settle abroad no longer consider the U.S. a viable option because of uncertainty with visas. It has become difficult to obtain a long-term work visa, and even those who have an H1B visa find it very difficult to obtain an extension after the stipulated three-year period. The EB5 permanent residence visa option is exclusively for wealthy Indians due to the requirement to invest $ 1.8 million in the country.

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Business schools in the U.S. are gradually increasing their fees for all courses by about 7-15 percent, which adds to the total cost. Notably, banks in India have become selective in offering loans to students traveling to the US, providing loans only to the highest rated institutions with the highest recall value.

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In addition, concerns also raise fears for personal safety and an increase in racial attacks in the country. The volatile political situation in the country ahead of the 2020 presidential election is an additional factor in the decision not to apply to the U.S. for Indian students.

Sangit Chowfla, GMAC CEO, commenting on the trend, said: “Quality business schools are popping up all over the world, and competition for talent is fierce, indicating a vibrant market.” However, worldwide the number of applications for MBA programs decreased by 6.9 percent. In the United States, the number of applications decreased by 13.7 percent, which is much more than in any other country in the world.

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