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A strategy against time that actually gives you time back


The Marketing Podcast with Richie Norton

In this episode v Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m interviewing Richie Norton. Richie is an award-winning author and serial entrepreneur. He is a CEO coach and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc., Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post. Pacific Business News named Richie one of Hawaii’s Top Forty Young Businessmen Under 40. He is the author of a new book that will be released in August 2022 —Anti-Time Management: Take back your time and change your results with the timing feature.

Takeaway key:

What if you could enjoy the freedom to prioritize instead of just managing your time? With a strategy against time, you can. In this episode, author and serial entrepreneur Richie Norton shares the system he created to help you find motivation, prioritize your ideals, create a flexible work-life lifestyle, and actually give you back your time. We delve into Anti-Time Management and how it can help you be present for the people, projects, plans and priorities that matter most.

Questions I ask Richie Norton:

  • [1:29] The book opens with a missile attack – can you tell the story and why it made it into the book?
  • [4:13] How does this story kind of trigger the point you’re trying to make about anti-time management?
  • [5:56] What is time management?
  • [6:52] What is a time prompt and how does it relate to time management?
  • [9:13] Why do you think balance is the wrong goal?
  • [10:38] How do we get away from the societal idea that if you’re not sitting at a desk from nine to five, you’re not working?
  • [13:16] How best to protect the lifestyle you want to live?
  • [16:23] What is project stacking?
  • [18:51] What is Expert Search?
  • [20:03] Could you talk about what I think is the point of the book – changing how you get paid?
  • [22:23] Where can people contact you?

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