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Anne-Marie Eden is one of a small but ever-growing group of women managers in football. She is the CEO of Solihull Moors, who at the time of writing were playing in the National League – a rung below the English Football League. They discuss football matters and share the lessons of their professional experience.

In this conversation, An-Marie and Saf discuss the challenges of doing business in a high-profile environment.

They share thoughts on the importance of leadership and the challenges of managing people, where very often there is no shortage of ego.

This leads to a conversation about building strong teams and how it’s a balance where the best people may not necessarily be the best for the team.

At the time the entry was made, Solihull Moors were seeking promotion from the National League to the English Football League. It’s a big and very exciting step, but Saff and Lynn share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of expanding the business.

Saff talks about his involvement in football as one of the leaders of an academy that attracts young people to the game.

Anne-Marie talks about how she got involved in football through her work with sponsor Moors and talks about her previous job in recruitment and how it helps her in her current role.

She admits she wasn’t a “fan” of Solihull Moors before getting the job, but Anne-Marie and Saph agree that it doesn’t always matter, as a “fan” is too likely to make decisions based on emotion rather than business.

They talk about how bringing people from a different sector into a business can help gain a broader perspective and stop the tendency to do things a certain way because it’s always been done.

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