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Accelerated blended virtual learning course

Accelerated blended virtual learning course

Yes spring In 2020, we conducted several effective deployment workshops to help employees y customer roles correspond to and exceed critical milestones in the sales process. The workshops were well received by participants and leaders, and, more importantly, they are helped achieve measurable results.

They were also in person. Some seminars lasted only one day, and one required several days, depending on the trip requirements. We asked Fr.tendeefrom to preparedare on cleareng their calendar and beeng present. Just as inefficient process may sound through 2021 lens, everyone could watch benefits. The workshops gave salespeople from different offices the opportunity to learn, connect and solve problems together. They would introduce the experience from the satellite office and leave more with skills but in a cohort and a connected whole. Additional seminars were requested, and others were in development.

Then COVID-19 hit. Everyone had to think new ways workers and, more importantly to determine how to demonstrate continuity of value. Maybe we were lucky. In previous years we had cooperates with human resources (HR) to develop adaptation from binders and documents (which is inevitable wound up in a drawer) to a role-playing experience online that was repeated regularly. But the workshops

I remember discussing workshops with my team after one of the company’s first meetings about CORONIVAL INFECTION COVID. The executive is listening had remarked, “Can’t you just do it through Zoom?” This was afan air issue, but the training is professional in me shuddered. All I am had researched, read and heard from peers warned me what virtual promotion was more than simple a “Raise and shift. It was completely different. A full day (or days of virtual) training sounded unbearable to me as a mediatormuch less for participants. And if experience did no to demonstrateis continuity in the sense that b I.t means for results? We had to invent the experience on virtual media, not reproduce it.


The blended learning approach I.with no revolutionary. Mike Cancel was lawyersng for on fliped classroom for many yearsand concepts Josh Bersin presented in “Learning in progress” sounded excellent. Last year was perfect moment to start implementation blended learning with workshops we could no longer deliver in person.

We decided to transform the multi-day workshop by knowing itwould take the largest amount of work and be the most expensive for the organization. We sought for more than a temporary fix, instead of working on a result that was secured by the future. Once we divided the key learning objectives into unique episodes, the question remained how students will experience them. Here our design:

Week 1: Preliminarygorc

Estimated completion time: 10 office 20 minutes

The to studyisrs (and supervisors) will be introduced to key concepts relevant to the completion of their work. We used our training and inclusion system to make this experience varied, easy and engaging. There were videos to watch, scripts to evaluate and a timed study with answers. The is objective was fluency, not skill. InI knew at this point we were dissuading the audience, the rest of the training for them there will be a greater struggle. Our audience had a week to match that before work in their workflow.

Week 2: Britual I.under the guidance of an instructor Train Experience

Estimated completion time: Fr.not 90- office 120minute session

The goal with virtual learning under the guidance of an instructor (VIlT) session was for students discuss and practice that they are learned y week 1 office work to the end sticky dots. Simple like personal session, we limited power so we can handle the whole room. We too provided some architecture of how to participate. Were just new ways do it: to be on camera; ywatch the chat; I.interrupt the facilitator, not your peers; build on your peers’ comments with “Yes and”; and byou are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Ultimately, what we discovered to be most different from personally workshops was choreographed. Manage Fr.n we had an interesting experience office adjust the “support them” handle. 11: Join the survey by phone. Fill in the short answer on the screen. Discuss and develop a strategy or roleplay in the living room. Vote for on contributions what impressed you the most.

Week 3: After-gorc

Estimated time to complete: 5 office 10 minutes

Now this visitors had learned, practiced and smoothed out some kinks, it was time to apply and respond. During their week Mr. post-gorc, they are to acted on their new approaches as part of their daily lives workto pondered on them and to answered office them. How they reacted depended for educational purposes. In some cases it is ands a five-a minute video response of what worked and what no. In others, it is ands evidence of a prospects reply to an email or submit a touch plan with which the move worked and why.

After checking their work we provided individual feedback on submission and exchanged them in a common place. Now I amfor a couple of clicks, members on cohort can draw ideas and put themselves against the work of their peersand review these materials as often as they need office.

This week pregorc too began for their next wilt session. We pinsed and repeated to a series of learning tasks andwith full.

4 Takeaway

We have four Major takeaway food from this experience. First, Fr.your partnership with sales leaders has been criticaland not just for collaborating on content and attending workshops. A mixed approach like this one takes the village. There are manyunionismrequired to guide the audience between different sessions and modalities, in addition to automated reminders from our learning and inclusion platform.

Second, tCourse materials had to change from a “notebook” manual to a downloaded one content. Previously, salespeople pulled pages out of their books and put them on the table, and executives used their book for training. This part of our experience is not yet felt as a “lasting value,” especially for students who prefer analog.

Third, altalthough there were some trade-offs, points of sale for our detractors (and, By the way, our biggest fans personally training) consisted in the fact that their sellers were less breached in fulfilling their obligations and what although the virtual workshop went beyond the usual personal session, the benefits of zeroing y one key goal at a time meant better content.

Finally, tthere was more qualitative evidence than personal training. Ability to “suspend the experience” during «to apply week and show victories, defeats and where need students coaching in a particular area helped highlight where people were in their development instead of highlighting those who just showed up up good in class. A mixed approach also provided examples for future workshops and highlight drums for other experiences.

As the first results of our blended workshops begin to reflect our personal lessons (fu!), We can keep the new design. In fact, we can even apply that we have learned to optimize shorter personal sessions when possible them returns.

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