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Adams 14 resists reorganization; most districts in the summer

 Adams 14 resists reorganization;  most districts in the summer

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The leaders of Adams 14 have plans to resist the state’s efforts to reorganize the school district (which has years of disenfranchisement), and to receive the support of the district councils, a fighter in front of the battlefield before its arrival. by obligor un cambio in the community.

«Creo que en esto vamos a tener más aliados que la Junta Estatal», Dyjo Joe Salazar, Uno de los abogados de Adams 14.

Adams 14, a school district in the north of Denver, ha tested the power of the state of responsibility because I have to find many things that no one has to do. Different from other states, Colorado does not have the authority to directly address the operations of the school districts.

In 2018, cuando the state ordered that the district contracted an external administrator after years of poor academic training, the local school was permanently permanent. In 2021, when she was contracted to be superintendent, Karla Loria, she do not hesitate to download the external administration companyMGT Consulting.

Now, with the preoccupation of which the leaders of the district do not have what it takes to lead the new plans for the best of the students and that they are not interested in comparing the sufficient configurations of responsibility, Ed. quitó accreditation to the district and order that reorganizedit is possible that the powder will result in the resolution of the district, school districts, and which students will have to assist in the district.

But Colorado has never had this, and many people have decided to respect it with respect to how it works. So many days, the local communities have the options to resist the state.

Leaders of the majority districts are one to support Adams 14

Aunque Adams 14 tuvo a stupid relationship with someone else in the past, this year Loria logró convocar a sus colegas y ha recibido su apoyo. The leaders of the district have the hope that they can be heard, even if only for the defender of local control.

The state has said that the districts of Mapleton, 27J and Adams 12 Five Star also participated in the reorganization process together with Adams 14. In accordance with the law, a committee compiled by members of the court summed up by members of the board a plan for the new geographical limits of the district. When the committee and the education commission were approved, it was approved, it was approved by the vote of the electors in the affected districts.

Y en cuanto a qué tan nuevo e incierto el processo es, el departamento de educación originalmente publiso ho hoja de informacion en la que se indicaba que las juntas scholares mismas necesitarían aprobar el plan. Without embargo, this fact is required to deal with a distinct reorganization process included in another section of the state.

Mentras hablaba ante la junta escolar de Adams 14 la semana pasada, Salazar también indicó que entendía que las juntas loceles necesitarán tener una votación por el plan. This signifies that the officials of the states have a problem, he said.

“We want to travel with the Adams Condo, and we will be united with the Adams Condo,” he said.

In addition to the process of requiring the approval of school units, this can affect the result due to the number of members of the committee.

Y si no quieren crear un plan, el estado no puede hacer mucho para obligarlos a hacerlo. He has eliminated the accreditation and is still symbolically symbolic – but he has passed the amulet after the orders of the state of the country. His proposal is to find out that the district is very busy while having a deficient population. But the fathers know that the district has its roots, and much more expressively open to support the local leader y creen que el sistema de responsabilidad del del estado los juzga injustamente.

Decision “in the hands of the community”

The Commission of Education Katy Anthes said that the reorganization of Adams 14 is not sure, and that the results really depend on the community.

“My hope is that I have an experience of good life, and I am sure that I will be here,” said Antés. “If you want to reorganize a plan that you don’t have a sense of, you can’t define a plan, we tend to think that you can evaluate everything at this moment. The decision is in the hands of the community ”.

Крыс Фідлер, Superintendente del Distrito 27J, dijo que apoya a Adams 14. Su distrito, basado en Brighton, cubre partes de Commerce City y estará incluido en el komite de reorganización.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can’t choose to share, I have a taste “, – Dijo Fiedler. “All those who create what you want to do with the study of the students of Adams 14, is Adams 14. This is what Karla is an exceptionally exceptional, realistically one of the best people who saw him in the fall.”

Apart from creating in the leadership fact of the district, Fiedler says that in his opinion he is under the control of local control and confides that the leaders of the district know his best interests.

Charlotte Chansio, superintendent of Mapleton, also called Adams 14 and criticized the system of state responsibility, which gave him the same qualifications as Adams 14.

“Lo ade está pasando a Adams 14 es resultado directo de un sistema que no asegura que a todas las komunidades se les trate de manera justa y equitativa”, dijo Ciancio en una declaración. “Colorado’s accountability and accreditation system is undermined. An example of injustice is to qualify for the schools that have resulted in a uniquely administered exam in English in a community that predominantly speaks Spanish. We continue to identify the best route to follow Adams 14, we also continue to have a new accreditation system for Colorado schools! ”

Los Legisladores Khan ordered an auditorium of the state responsibility system defining point you are working as a supone, lo cual incluye determinar si está perjudicando a los studiantes de minorías raciales y bajos ingresos que se supone que proteja. The results of this audience will be listed in November.

We recommend comments from the representatives of Adams 12 but we did not respond. The Denver District, which also includes Collins with Adams 14, is part of the process that led to the constitution of the state in the decade of the 70’s implied by the limits of the Denver District of Denver.

Junta estatal decision: “desestabilizante”

Jason Malmberg, president of the Union of Adams Masters, 14, said that the school was held in a very difficult way. Many people have been confronted by the fact that they are very close to each other, but they are also interested in the fact that the state of honor goes to the right place.

Malmberg said that the decision of the Junta Estatal was destabilizing and that the members of the junta were not involved. “Solutions that suggest not being helpful,” he said. “They are beautiful, but beautiful.”

Malmberg said that it also preoccupied the Ordnance with local control.

“¿La Junta Estatal de Educación tiene derecho, en el siglo 21 y en una democracy, para dissolver un organismo elegido democratácamentente?”, Preguntó.

If the reorganization committee prepares a plan that will solve the district completely, you will find the areas of other districts, the local school of Adams 14 which will be disused.

Salazar dijo que este es un aspecto de la ley que le preocupa.

It also means that the district will be reorganized in a manner that requires more school charters, even if it means that it does not create the alcove of the reorganization committee.

Other possible scenarios include dissolving Adams 14 and creating a different district with a new name in our geographical limits (a way of changing the mark and celebrating this year), or giving the districts the absorbed part4 of the geographical limits. change the mark and celebrate from here), or give that the districts of the absorbed part4 in my school.

So many days, the leaders of Adams 14 dicen que todavía están dedicados a educar students. The leaders are continuing the negotiations to work with TNTP, a consultancy company without any finesse. Following the plan that the district presented to the state, TNTP worked ‘man with man’ with the superintendent to make recommendations.

The district also has that it is close to the state to present its plan for the Central Primary School. The district is having more autonomy to convert to Central in a community school that offers various services.

The state has allowed the district to proceed with the plan of the past, but the members of the United States have the final approval in June or to issue another order of action, which supports the court judge.

Anthes señaló la posibilidad de que, si los esfuerzos de mejorar del distrito tienen éxito antes de que se cree el plan de reorganización, quizás la Junta Estatal cambie de parecer.

“It is possible that the district implements these plans, which we know that the results are empathetic to change, and that the junta entonces reevalúe su redución”, dijo. “The order of reorganization is being revoked. So many days, the schools are open, the girls are assisting classes, and we want to know that these schools are better ».

Yesenia Robles is a reporter for Chalkbeat Colorado and covers related issues with the K-12 school districts and multilingual education. Communicate with Yesenia writing a yrobles@chalkbeat.org.

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