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Adjusting my webcam lighting


I’m a pretty boring YouTuber. My strategy is always to simply create the most useful, informative content possible (to my own detriment).

Most of my videos have me sitting in front of a computer screen and recording my desktop.

I have no excuse to get this shot right!

However, getting the lighting right was a much longer process than I anticipated. I didn’t even realize how bad the lighting was until I recently watched a bunch of my videos in one go.

It took me a long time, but I think I finally created a lighting that is so good that I can recommend it to you guys and gals. Here it is.

Webcam lighting products I use

Here are the products I currently use for webcam recording and lighting.

#1 Logitech Brio 4K Pro Camera

Good lighting is wasted if you don’t have a high quality camera. It’s the best traditional webcam I could get, and it’s earned the rave reviews.

**But a quick warning!**

Many devices do not support 4K recording. Actually getting full 4K resolution is quite difficult.

Key lights #2 Elgato (pair)

It’s really neat. I can adjust the settings directly from my computer and can even turn them on and off with one click on my StreamDeck (another great product to check out that I’ll talk about in more detail).

They are placed to my left and right to balance the light from all sides of my face.

They’re $129 each, and there are cheaper alternatives, but they’re really awesome, and the seamless integration with my iMac is worth the extra cost to me.

#3 Zumy softbox

I bought this one very recently. I realized that the light from my monitor and the backlight of the left and right keys do not turn off. It mounts well to the back of my monitor and produces a very nice, warm light that fills my face well.

Agni in action

I played around with a few lighting combinations.

First I have to choose if I want the overhead lights to be on or off in my regular office.

Sorry for the stoic faces 😂 I pulled them directly from the video stream and didn’t want to redo them.

I hope this helps!

If you’re on a budget, I’d suggest starting with the Zumy Soft Box light and then adding on from there as you see fit.

The best 4K webcam

Affordable but instant upgrade

Next-level desktop lighting

A nice touch to control the Elgato lights

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Lasso Bragg

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