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Another case of harassment in the state of California

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Two women who accused the University of California administrator in the Channel Islands of harassing them are accusing that the University of Sanoma did not handle the case properly when he moved to this campus. Sonoma President Judy Sakaki is currently accused of failing to respond properly to allegations of harassment against her husband.

Los Angeles Times reported that the women were accused of being the administrator of Wm. The Channel Islands have recognized Gregory Sawyer as unprofessional behavior but not harassment. The investigation concluded that he made inappropriate comments about the appearance of women, undesirably hugged one woman, and called another “arrogant”, “spicy” and “cheeky”. Hours said.

The women said Sakaki had to do something with Sawyer, who remained in Sanoma State until he retired in 2021. At the time, Sakaki called him “a trusted and beloved campus leader who has had a profound impact on the culture of our campus”.

Sakaki declined to say whether she had read the investigator’s report on Sawyer.

“100%, more needed to be done. Something had to be discussed – something had to happen, ”said Raquel de las Santos, who previously worked at Sawyer. Sakaki “did a disservice to all the students and staff she needed to protect as president … She turned the other way.”

Sawyer, in an email to Fr. Hours The journalist called the accusations in the investigation “groundless”.

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