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Anti-vaccination dismissal videos confirm misleading allegations

Anti-vaccination dismissal videos confirm misleading allegations

Several anti-vaccination videos of health workers recording their dismissal or dismissal from health facilities have sparked considerable interest over the past few days.

Most doctors and health professionals in the United States have received the Covid-19 vaccine. In the June poll, v American Medical Association reported that 96 percent of physicians were fully vaccinated against Covid-19. And in previous polls of thousands of members, American Nurses Association and American Association of Practitioner Nurses reported that most of their members received the vaccine.

In one video, which was viewed more than 7 million times on Twitter before the account was suspended, a San Diego nurse filmed her being taken out of a medical facility after she refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine for religious reasons. The nurse told a television station in San Diego that she believes her “God-given immune system” is good enough to fight Covid-19. In addition to spreading on social media and expanding influencers, the video has also received coverage from news organizations and digital publications such as The New York Post, The Daily Mail, Newsday and the right-wing One America News Network.

Similarly, in another video, a medical worker from a Los Angeles hospital was escorted for refusing to receive what he called an “experimental vaccine”. long-term misinformation narrative. The video shared by the Facebook page from South Africa has garnered at least 3.5 million views since last weekend. These are viral videos again show how erroneous statements made by health professionals – even if they have no education in epidemiology or vaccination science – can resonate because because of their profession they are perceived as experts. – Keenan Chen

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