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Arkansas uses VR simulators for career training

A new program is using VR simulations to help students and job-seekers explore careers in high-growth industries in Arkansas

Arkansas Office of Skills Development (AOSD), along with Arkansas Community Colleges, is collaborating on a nationwide program that uses virtual and augmented reality opportunities to explore careers.

Through a partnership with the Economic Development Platform TRANSFRThe program has helped hundreds of Arkansas residents gain access to hands-on virtual reality career simulations that offer a real-world look at a variety of fast-growing jobs and industries – with plans to increase to 4,500 in 2022.

“The demand for talent is growing in areas such as manufacturing, transportation, construction and skilled occupations, which can often lead to long-term economic and career stability. However, students are often unaware of the education and training options they need to get started, ”said Cody Waits, director of the Arkansas Department of Commerce’s Skills Development Department. “This nationwide program is an example of how we can combine innovative technologies with existing career and technical educational resources to help more students prepare for new career horizons and meet the needs of employers in a skilled workforce.”

At the heart of this unique public-private partnership is a career identification tool that allows students and jobseekers to explore a range of jobs in developing areas. The new career study program includes hands-on virtual reality experience developed TRANSFR giving students an exciting, workplace insight into a variety of technical roles and areas, including manufacturing, skilled occupations, warehousing and storage, hospitality, public safety and automotive.

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