Home Education As working hours return, like buying new work clothes on a budget

As working hours return, like buying new work clothes on a budget

As working hours return, like buying new work clothes on a budget

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As more people return to the office, they may no longer be able to rely on their work wardrobe, created more than two years ago.

Their taste or size may have changed during the pandemic, or their company could have adjusted expectations regarding professional clothing.

Replenishing your wardrobe can add more. Fashion bloggers shared tips on how to prepare for a return to work at no extra cost.

The size of what you need in the first place

Maria Visuete, a former stock analyst and founder of a fashion blog MiaMiaMine.comoffers to spend a few days in the office before you start buying new clothes.

Many companies are reviewing their dress code expectations, and you may find that the jeans and sneakers you lived in are now acceptable in the office.

“To see if there has been a change in your office, pay attention to how the management is dressing, or start a conversation with your manager,” Wizuet said.

More of the changes in life:

Here’s a look at other stories that offer a financial perspective on important life stages.

If your company has switched to a hybrid work model where you are still allowed to work from home a few days a week, you also won’t need as much office wear.

“If your time in the office is twice less than two years ago, you should also think about cleaning your professional wardrobe twice,” said Veronica Kused, owner. PennyPincherFashion.comanother blog.

Don’t rush to throw away items you’ve worn when pandemics were more the subject of books and movies than real life, experts say. Some clothes remain relevant.

“Some items you might want to keep two years ago, I call wardrobe items: your favorite pair of black dress pants, the black dress you often wore to the office, a nice jacket and favorite neutral-colored shoes,” Kused said. .

Take your time

Don’t feel pressured to replenish your work wardrobe overnight, Visuet said.

“Start by making a list of necessary things and prioritizing them according to how practical they are,” she said. “Then make a list by purchasing a few items each month.”

You can set a surcharge for yourself. As a rule, experts recommend spending no more than 10% of salary on clothes.

“I’m a big fan of budgets,” said Diana Barros, the blog’s founder TheBudgetBabe.com. “With all the temptations to shop online, it can be easily swept away.”

If you’re going to spend, do it on wardrobe items, Visue said.

“I strongly believe that you should invest in strong foundations such as a trench coat, blazer or structured bag,” she said.

“Once you have a strong collection, you can easily build on them more affordable, trendy items.”

The hunt for deals

As for high-quality clothing, Vizuet said it is watching sites such as sales The puzzle, La La Street and Four. If she’s looking for more affordable workwear that’s still stylish, she turns to it Express, Manga, Nordstrom and H&M.

For her part, Baros stated this as follows budget fashion bloggers or influential people it’s a great way to stay up to date with stylish and affordable clothing.

“They share everything from clothing ideas to sales announcements,” Baros said. “It’s like having a personal shopper, and I think it’s a new way to shop.”

Experts say that another way to get winning prices – it’s off-season purchases, such as winter coats in July.

If you’re still figuring out your fashion after a pandemic, a clothing subscription service may be a useful option.

“Often, subscription services are more affordable than buying a brand new outfit,” Visuet said. Some of the popular rental companies include ZERO, Runway rental and Nordstrom’s Trunk Club.

Are there friends who don’t return to the office at all? If you are of a similar size, offer to help them free up their wardrobe.

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