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Association of Great Britain with Horizon Europe “on the border”

Association of Great Britain with Horizon Europe

Russell Group CEO Tim Bradshaw said that while the UK government was right to consider options for a ‘Plan B’, failing to address the association would be detrimental to both the UK and Europe.

“It is increasingly felt that we are right on the border, with an association that needs to be snatched before the summer,” he told League of European Research Universities 20th Anniversary Conference May 19 and 20.

“The fact that Horizon Europe seems to have been embroiled in a wider political debate is regrettable, but it should not be so,” Bradshaw added.

The UK association with Horizon Europe has been included in the Brexit agreement, but the agreement has not yet been officially finalized.

In February, stakeholders across the UK and on the continent launched Follow science an initiative in an attempt to lobby political leaders in Switzerland, the UK and Brussels and EU member states about the Horizon Europe Association.

In late April, UUKi director Vivien Stern warned that “It’s really a situation where we don’t have enough time.” Following the EU referendum in the UK, the organization made it clear that “Unanimous advantage” the sector should strive for full association with Horizon Europe.

“From the outset, it was clear that the association is a key outcome for UK and EU research efforts, giving us the best opportunity to bring people together and create the interdisciplinary international teams that are needed to help us tackle serious global challenges” , Bradshaw said this week.

“Refusing to move forward with the UK Association will be bad news for research”

“The UK government is right when it considers“ Plan B ”options as a back-up option, and our universities are ready to work to succeed in any alternative mechanisms if needed. Make no mistake, however: refusing to move forward with the UK Association will be bad news for research and the second best outcome for both the UK and the EU.

“We all know that there is a time when the UK can no longer hold on and alternative mechanisms will need to be put in place. I can tell you today that the window for associations is closing and closing soon. “

Russell’s group is in “ongoing dialogue” with the UK government, and “there is a genuine commitment from the Minister of Science and others to achieve association if we can,” Bradshaw continued.

“I urge you all to make sure that you are also dealing with your governments and officials in the commission before it is too late.”

May 10 European Commission said to increase The initiative budgets almost € 562 million, focusing on innovative solutions to clean, health and digital issues, and bringing the program budget for 2021 and 2022 to a total of almost € 16 billion.

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