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Baden-Württemberg to spend €60,000 on free pretzels for cyclists


While there are many federal lands in Germany are tightening their belts and preparing for the tough financial times ahead, Baden-Württemberg splashed out almost €60,000 on – hmm – free pretzels for cyclists.

Free pretzels to tempt cyclists in Baden-Württemberg

The southwestern state government provided pretzels as part of its Radkultur (cycling culture) trying to distract passengers from them cars and onto their bikes with a tasty treat. For several days in early June, cyclists could show their helmet or bike at participating bakeries and receive a free pretzel.

The Pendler pretzel (suburban pretzel) scheme proved popular – like most things involving freebies food do – about 660 bakeries took part and together handed out about 130,850 pretzels.

According to the State Department for Transport, the government paid participating bakeries 45 cents per pretzel, plus staff and advertising costs, bringing the total bill for the scheme to €58,882.50.

FDP calls Pendlerbrezeln redundant

Perhaps a noble endeavor for the benefit of the planet, but the scheme has surprised some, with some suggesting that it might not be the best use of the money raised through taxes.

Christian Jung from the FDP called the scheme redundant. “That money would really be better spent catching up on cycling training children Art primary schoolwho missed during art the coronavirus crisis,” he said. “The rapidly increasing number of accidents involving cyclists makes it clear that we need skills, not pretzels.”

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