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Balance of soul and body


When a person gets too old to set a bad example, they usually start giving good advice. Fasting while suffering from severe indigestion does not count as ritual abstinence from food, does it? Let us stop this practice of creating virtue out of necessity. Let us give our speech first before asking others to speak.

I like being body oriented. How can I be soul-centered? Does the body oppose the soul? True spirituality is based on balance. It is similar to an exercise regimen based on the balanced development of all parts of the body. A soul with a body is a body, but not otherwise. Both the content and the container are important. We should value our bodies even as we try not to identify our whole being with our bodies. The body is like a door. It gives us a passage to enter the abode of the soul, the holy of holies deep within. At the same time, stopping at the body is like stopping at the entrance to a house of prayer. Some people do not respect the body in the name of religion. It’s like devaluing the entrance to the temple. When you understand the need for this balance, your inner being will guide you to higher achievements of harmony and proportion.

What does it mean to say, “Appreciate your body?”

First, appreciate the wonder of the body. What a wonderful creature it is! As physiologists discover new and new secrets of the body, they are more and more amazed at its intricacies. Every part of our body is mysteriously forged in the mountains of nature. It is a masterpiece of design and aesthetics. The works of Picasso or Michael Angelo could not come close to the human body in their subtlety and delicacy of detail. Disrespect for the value of this miracle devalues ​​the skill of the craftsman who conceived it. If you see this body as a miracle, you cannot bring yourself to abuse it. Being indifferent to the body is disrespecting the body.

The greatest disease is to be indifferent. Indifference to our bodies is as ridiculous as indifference to our near and dear ones as shown below.

Sharma’s wife came across her obituary in a newspaper. She was shocked. She waited for her husband’s call, which never came. Finally, out of desperation, she called him. “Have you read today’s paper, my dear? It says I’m dead.” “Yes, I read in the newspaper that you died,” replied the husband. “Then why didn’t you call me to find out? – shouted the wife.

“But hey, where are you calling from, heaven or hell?” – asked the husband.

Such indifference demeans us and our human nature. Remove this virus from your attitude towards your body.

Why do I feel so lethargic?

You probably didn’t feel the joy of doing sports. Joy is hidden in the body. Yoga, deep breathing and regular exercise release the energy that has been dormant in your body. More than your body, your mind says, “I’m tired.” Focus on overcoming this negativity in your mind. Work on that negative mind.

Think about it.

Varma felt uneasy, so he called his doctor and asked him to come. He felt like he couldn’t get out of bed. The doctor rushed to Varma’s home. The doctor looked at the patient and fell to the floor with a thud. Varma thought that the doctor had a heart attack. He jumped out of bed, ran to get water and called an ambulance. The doctor got up after some time, took his bag and demanded Rs. 200 as his fee. Varma shouted at the doctor, “I’ve been taking care of you for the last half hour and now you want me to pay you!”

The doctor said it was because of me that you got out of bed, wasn’t it?. It’s my fault for making you get off your sick bed. “Where does Varma get his energy from? Most of us are sick psychologically, not physically. It is true that when other people’s problems overwhelm us, we forget our own difficulties. Deal with other people’s problems and you will learn to take your own problems lightly. A Christian pastor I know recommends visiting the hospital as an effective antidote to self-pity. When you see the extreme suffering that some others are going through, you will thank God for letting you off so easily.

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