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Barnsley College student prepares for trip to Iceland – FE News

Isabelle Goddard, Barnsley College Applied Science student.

Barnsley College student Isabel Godard is preparing to travel to Iceland to hone her skills in the agricultural industry with the support of the Entrepreneurial Future College Foundation (BCEF), a fund that provides students with grants that are paid once in a lifetime. opportunities.

A grant totaling more than £ 300 will allow Isabel to visit the farm Fslafsfjörðup, a small fishing village located in the north of Iceland in conjunction with Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). WWOOF is a global effort to connect visitors with organic farmers, promote educational sharing and build a global community aware of environmental farming practices. WWOOF users spend time on farms and share daily life with the owners.

While working on the farm, Isabelle hopes to support farmers ’goals of planting an entire forest for the next five years and hopes that this experience will help her expand her knowledge and skills in arable land to be able to thrive in industry and access the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic project. Farms (WWOOF) again in the future

Isabelle, who studies applied sciences, said:

“This experience should help in my future as I plan to go into agriculture and study a subject at university. This visit will allow me to expand my knowledge in arable land, which will help me a lot, because so far my experience has been mostly animals.

“I learned about BCEF at a seminar during College Career Week and would recommend it to anyone. I have already told my friends about it! ”

The BCEF College program is managed by the Enterprise Department, which encourages and supports students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and talents outside of study. The department offers students opportunities to improve their communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills and creative skills, and provides support to business start-ups.

Lee Perks, head of the Enterprise team at Barnsley College, said:

“Barnsley College is committed to changing the lives of students, staff and society, and we are thrilled to be able to support Isabelle on her trip to Iceland. Her future looks bright, and with the new skills and knowledge she will gain as part of her trip, I am confident she will be very successful in the agricultural industry. ”

For more information on Enterprise at Barnsley College visit www.barnsley.ac.uk/enterprise

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