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Bend it like Becks, rock it like a dream – The New Indian Express

Bend it like Becks, rock it like a dream - The New Indian Express

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Do you want to dance, asked the enthusiastic Svarnamal Ganesh group of children dressed in football shirts and shorts. “What do you need to play football?” She asked again. “Hands! Legs! Eyes! ” Shouted the children. “That’s all you also need to dance,” she said when volunteers from Slam Soccer and Ranga Mandira showed them a few dance steps that started with football movements. Soon everyone in the stadium, including the coaches, was dancing to the flute.

The Rhythm of the Body through Movement event was organized on September 29 in Chennai for a group of young people wishing to play football at the Rango Mandir World Dance Academy, founded by Dr. Svarnamalya Ganesh with the NGO Slam Soccer.

Founded in 2003, Slum Soccer uses football as a tool to improve the status of low-income football contenders and also gives them more opportunities in the sport. In Tamil Nadu alone, she cares for 1,200 children. Members travel to various slums in the areas where they work, talk to community leaders, and organize local tournaments that children can join. Football in the slums was a great boon for 20-year-old Sanali Parsavar, whom a friend introduced to the game. “I’m so inspired by the game that I could never stop playing it. In our village, we actually go to every house and invite children to play, ”she says.

Various sarcastic statements from the angle that football is not for girls are not strong enough to prevent Sanali and other girls from doing the sport.

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