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Berkeley Law School Joins Action Against US News


Harvard and Yale law schools announced Wednesday that they will no longer participate in the ranking US News and World Report.

On Thursday, UC Berkeley Law School joined the movement.

Ervin Chemerynskyi, Dean of the Faculty of Law, wrote, “Ratings are only as important as we give them as a community. I don’t want to pretend I’m not. And the ratings will exist with and without our participation. Therefore, the question arises whether we consider the benefit of participating in US News process that exceeds costs? The answer, we believe, is negative.”

He further identified the problems with US News a methodology similar to that raised by deans at Harvard and Yale. “We’ve kept the need-based aid program because we think it’s the right thing to do, but if we eliminate it, we’ll certainly be able to increase the LSAT and GPA by putting all of our resources into recruiting these students. We think it’s wrong, but we understand why some schools do it, and the answer is that they’re afraid to do otherwise, which will hurt their rankings.”

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