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Berlin will make online registration possible by the end of the year


As part of the ongoing digitization of its administrative services, the the city of Berlin has announced that online registration should finally be available by the end of this year.

online Anmeldung should be possible from 2022 in Berlin

Completion of a registration is one of the first and most important steps newcomers to Germany must take. Without yours certificate of registrationyou can’t open a bank accountget yours salary or receive health insurance. But until now it was not easy to register, it required a personal visit to your district civil cabinetwhere appointments are often unavailable for weeks or even months.

However, now the city authorities intend to significantly expand the range of administrative services that citizens can provide through Internetwhich must include registration (Anmeldung) and re-registration (Ummeldung) after a change of addressby the end of this year.

Berlin digitizes hundreds of administrative processes

State Secretary for Administrative Modernization Ralf Kleindijk told dpa that it is already possible to provide 130 different services online, including applying for housing allowance and registration of new enterprisesas well as issuing licenses for doctors and pharmacists.

Another 106 proposals should arrive in the coming months and years. “We’re currently working on about 35 more this year and at least as many next year,” Kleindyk said.

In addition to registration appointments, this should include other more bureaucratic processes, such as applying for and renewing an identity card. “We will digitize the process as much as possible under federal law,” he said, adding that even then ID cards and German passports in the future you will still have to pick it up in person.

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