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Best of Ed Trends – Annie Duke on Thinking in Stakes


As part of our Best of Publishing Trends series, we return to Summer 2019 Publishing Trends Episode 202, where Mike Palmer interviews Annie Duke about her book, Thinking in stakes: Making smarter decisions when we don’t have all the facts.

This week we are “all in” as we welcome Annie Dukethe author Thinking in bets and a retired poker pro on the show. Annie begins by sharing the long, winding road she took to become an author and expert in the field of decision science. From her time as a graduate student in cognitive science, to being introduced to poker as a beginner, to the inspiration for her books, Annie details all the influences that shaped her life to write Thinking in bets.

We also delve into non-profit organizations, Alliance for Education Solutions, which Annie co-founded in 2012, and discuss how she hopes to advance decision-making education at scale for millions of students in K12. How do we go wrong in our decision-making? How often do we worry about the outcome, seeing Pete Carroll play in Super Bowl XLIX, rather than the process that led to the decision? If we taught students the basics of good decision-making, how could it improve their ability to make quick decisions and adapt to different conditions and new contexts that are critical for learning and future work?

We discuss all this and more. So sit back, raise your stakes and join the fun conversation from the simplest days of 2019!

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Herzog, A. (2018). Thinking in terms: Make smarter decisions when you don’t have all the facts (Illustrated edition). Portfolio.

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