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Bitcoin ETP ETC Group will be listed on Cboe Europe


ETC Group (www.etc-group.com), Europe’s leading specialist provider of institutional-grade digital asset-backed securities, has announced the listing of its ETC Group Physical Bitcoin-backed BTCetc (ticker BTCE) on Cboe Europe, the largest pan-European stock exchange by market share and trading volume.

BTCetc ETC Group – The physical Bitcoin ETC Group (BTCE) will be listed for trading on Cboe Europe BV, the Cboe exchange based in Amsterdam, with trading in Euros and clearing by SIX x-clear.

BTCE is supported by a network of world-class Authorized Participants (APs) and Market Makers with experience in the cryptocurrency markets as well as the ETP markets. APs provide exchange liquidity and tight spreads, allowing traders to make purchases of any size without worrying about market impact.

Tim Bevan, Founder and Co-CEO of ETC Group comments: “As a flagship product, bringing BTCE to Cboe Europe is a logical step as demand for crypto exposure recovers globally. The listing of BTCE on Cboe Europe further cements ETC Group’s leading position in European cryptocurrency-backed securities.”

ETC Group products offer several advantages over direct investments in the digital assets they track. Investors trading on regulated markets can buy and sell ETC in the same way as trading ordinary shares through their online brokerage platform or bank and with the same regulatory protections. The underlying security is securely stored in institutional facilities and investors do not require a digital wallet or relevant technical knowledge.

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