Home Education BMCC and Morehouse College have launched a transfer agreement

BMCC and Morehouse College have launched a transfer agreement


Men enrolled in Manhattan Public College who meet certain criteria will be guaranteed admission to Morehouse College, a historically black college in Atlanta that consists of only men, as part of a new partnership between institutions.

Campus executives signed a transfer agreement last week. All BMCC male students with a GPA of 2.7 or higher who have earned a junior specialist degree in college are eligible.

“Years of research and analysis of student achievement at BMCC have shown that students are most successful and gaps in equity are reduced when there is a clear, manageable academic path and when they are in cohort programs,” said BMCC President Anthony E. Monroe. news release.

The transfer pathway will also focus on “facilitating the transition of students participating in this partnership, by creating multiple opportunities for interaction that will teach young people the academic offerings, culture and traditions of college that we ultimately believe will encourage timely admission after their translation, ”Morehouse College President David A. Thomas said in a release.

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