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BMet students ’legal careers will be excellent

BMet students ’legal careers will be excellent

Novice legal professionals from unrepresented professions at BMet are closer to realizing their dreams thanks to an innovative partnership with Bill College and Law Academy.

The Professional Legal Skills (PLSP) programs, launched on the websites of Matthew Bolton and Satan Coldfield College, will give law students access to many career-oriented opportunities.

The White Law Academy was established this year together with the parent company Bila Legal. With a mission to increase diversity and inclusion in the sector, students will gain access to new progressive pathways and hands-on experiences.

Being the first to be recruited to the academy, BMet law students will be the first to benefit from the unique academy – a chance to develop in the profession while overcoming a number of challenges and obstacles.

The Academy’s programs aim to provide students with tools to help them build confidence, improve self-esteem, and acquire skills to prepare them for future legal careers. Students will be provided with theoretical and practical experience in the legal sector to help and support them in their legal ways.

Ali, a 3rd level student of applied law at BMet, said: “I am very honored to have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of vital skills and knowledge that will be useful to the legal sector.

“Thanks to the Academy, I feel that I am now one step closer to achieving my career goal – to be a reliable lawyer!”

Judith, a law and practice student at HND at BMet, added: “I have been fortunate to be part of this exciting career-building opportunity that will help me make my mark in the legal profession.

“I am particularly interested in legal advocacy, and through the academy I feel I am strengthening my knowledge!”

Among other useful activities ready for work, students will benefit from monitoring lawyers and attorneys, attending legal career development seminars, practical classes, guest speakers of legal professionals, support from expert teachers, work opportunities and networks.

Speaking about the exciting partnership, Tracy Pierce, head of the Matthew Bolton College’s law curriculum, said: “Creating a law academy with BMet will add value and depth to the student enrichment program. The partnership has a collaborative learning module that will give students an edge over their peers.

“Among other things, students will develop higher-level thinking, oral communication, self-management and leadership skills – all necessary to maximize their potential in further education and ultimately employment.”

Jasmine Malvanker, a law professor at BMet, added: “Joining forces with such a future and reputable law academy is not only very exciting with so many progressive opportunities for our students, it also helps us enhance our knowledge and enhance positions in an ever-evolving legal arena.

“I look forward to the fact that our students’ careers will flourish in this promising academy, and it will be great to see that they have real life chances to which they might not otherwise have access.”

The first phase of the partnership will begin with students studying HND courses, applied law and access. After that, students who are eligible for all BMet courses and levels will be given the opportunity to become part of the academy.

The Bill Law Academy employs a variety of legal professionals who seek to give back to society. The programs are conducted by attorneys, qualified attorneys, legal counsel, and law teachers.

In close collaboration with BMet, the Academy is committed to ensuring that doors of opportunity open to students from underrepresented and those from less privileged groups.

Speaking about the exciting partnership, Nadine Bill, CEO and founder of the Bill CIC Law Academy, said: “I am determined to become the change I wanted to see. The seeds I planted in the midst of a global pandemic are now growing into something big. My mission is to create opportunities that increase access to legal avenues. Our vision is for students to succeed in their legal education and careers in law.

“My goal is to see how students realize their full potential. We look forward to gaining fundamental knowledge, practical experience and the opportunity to succeed in our legal education, increase their chances of admission and retention in the legal profession. ”

BMet offers a number of law courses that have launched careers for thousands of students each year. To learn more about such courses offered on our Matthew Boulton and Sutton Coldfield College websites, please visit BMet website. You can also learn more about the White Law Academy here.

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