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Book Path The Last Party by Claire Mackintosh


  • Posted: July 29, 2022

Claire Mackintosh’s Last Party

It may be the last party, but it’s the first in a new series from crime writer extraordinaire Claire Mackintosh.

On New Year’s Eve, Rhys Lloyd has a lake house full of guests ready to party. He invited the locals for a drink, but not everyone came to the celebration. By the end of the night he lies dead in the water. Enter DC Ffion Morgan, who must investigate a crime in the village where she grew up. It will be difficult. Especially when Fiona herself has something to hide.

BookTrail locations in The Last Party

Boarding Pass Information: Last Party

Destination: Wales

Author Reference: Claire McIntosh

Genre: Crime Fiction

Food and drink to accompany: Welsh cakes and celebratory champagne



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Crime fiction will take you to the Welsh Party hotel complex

BookTrail locations in The Last Party

A corpse was found in a lake during a traditional New Year’s bathing in a small Welsh village. The Shore is the name of the resort, which sits on the shores of a lake near the village of Cwn Coed. A fictional house, unfortunately, sounds amazing, but the good thing is that once the party starts, you won’t want to be here in real life!

When a famous host is found murdered, you just know it’s going to be about who wanted him dead or who wanted him dead first. Celebrities and wealthy visitors rub shoulders with locals who don’t want The Shore here. Their village is nice and quiet, thank you very much, and the Coast brings trouble.

It’s nice to see that despite the drama, there’s always time for romance. Welsh police officer DC Ffion Morgan and her English police partner, DC Leo Bradymight, seem to make an unlikely team. However, cross-border relations are not what they seem.

It is most likely located in and around the lake if you lose count of the herring swimming around.

If you want a strong plot, this is the book for you. It is most likely located in and around the lake if you lose count of the herring swimming around. The cross-border nature of the novel worked very well as it set the stage for all kinds of drama. It was not easy to find out who committed the crime and why. This is the work of a master writer! I had to slow down at the very end when those red herrings were catapulted out of the lake one by one. I’m going to feast on them for a while longer, savoring each one.

Claire Mackintosh's Last Party

BookTrail locations in The Last Party

The novel’s POV and timeline were particularly strong and worked very well. We hear from Fiona and Leo, as well as the victim and the party goers in the days and weeks leading up to the party itself. Interesting to hear from Lloyd, the Golden Boy himself. Not as golden as it turns out. I felt like a fly on the wall, hearing things from all directions and rubbing my hands with glee because I thought I had cracked the case. No.

I may not want to party with Claire Mackintosh anytime soon, but give me a holiday like this in the mountains of Wales at a luxury resort like this, add someone like Leo and a plate of those red herrings and I would be a very happy reader.

BookTrail locations in The Last Party


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