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Book review of Summer Love by Nancy Thayer


Book review of Summer Love by Nancy Thayer

Book review of Summer Love by Nancy Thayer. This is my first time reading this author and I love stories told in two timelines.

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This novel tells one from the past twenty-six years ago (that summer) and one from the present (this summer).

We have the four main characters, Ariel, Wyatt, Sheila and Nick, from the past, and now we have the same main characters and their children. The story of how four strangers gathered for a summer in Nantucket and how that summer changed their lives.

Ariel Spencer dreams of becoming a writer. Watt Smith’s future is to become a scientist. Sheila Murphy was planning a wedding with her longtime lover, and then we have Nick Volkov, who dreamed of one day taking over the world.

Twenty-six years later, these four friends return to Nantucket with their children.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

If you dream, dream big. Dreams can come true. Nick proved it. He fulfilled his dreams and became a businessman who now opened a hotel in Nantucket and invited all his friends to come back.

A review of the novel
Influencer Marie with her copy of Summer Love!

I love how their kids have become friends too and how they explore the island of love and romance like it was twenty-six years ago.

I could relate to them because as a parent you worry about your children. You forget that you were once like them. A wild teenager who wanted to see and experience what the world had to offer. When it comes to our children, we become overprotective. I have a 17 year old son and I have to realize this soon as he will be an adult. He will have his own life and his own path. Everyone needs some excitement, to do crazy things, something special, like in this book (this summer) and (that summer).

I loved this book; it was an easy read and I loved the characters.

I would have loved it if Sheila had told Penny what happened to Frank over the summer. But she didn’t. This disappointed me as it would have brought a bit more drama. But I understand as a mother you will try to protect your daughter and sometimes it’s better not to tell the full details.

This is a great read and I will be reading more books by this author.

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